British discover Palestinian hatred

    • Europeans must realize Palestinian hatred and intolerance

    • Reprinted from Daily Alert, Thursday, October, 13, 2022
    • The Palestinians’ New Enemy: British Prime Minister Liz Truss – Khaled
    • Abu Toameh
      British Prime Minister Liz Truss is facing a smear campaign by the Palestinians because she dared to publicly state her support for Israel and talked about the possibility of moving the British Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
      “Is Liz Truss an agent of the Israeli Mossad who was implanted in the Conservative Party?” asked veteran Palestinian journalist Nasser Lahham, who is closely associated with the Palestinian Authority leadership. “Is she infected with the Zionism virus?” Lahham urged the Palestinian leadership to declare Truss as persona non grata.
      The defamation campaign against the British PM is yet another sign of the ongoing radicalization of Palestinians against anyone who dares to say a good word about Israel. It is this campaign of hate that is the real obstacle to peace between Israel and the Palestinians. For many years, the Western countries that fund the Palestinians have utterly ignored Palestinian incitement against Israel. Now, Western leaders are themselves becoming victims of the Palestinians’ smear campaigns. (Gatestone Institute)
    • A Cruel Death in Hebron – Bret Stephens
      it’s worth pausing to consider the grisly murder of Ahmad Abu Murkhiyeh in the West Bank city of Hebron. Murkhiyeh, 25, was a gay Palestinian man who had been living for two years in Israel and had filed papers for resettlement in Canada. Last Wednesday, he was found beheaded in Hebron. A suspect filmed the beheading and uploaded it to Palestinian social media. Murkhiyeh was one of scores of gay Palestinians finding refuge in Israel.
      Those who claim to champion the cause of Palestinian liberation should care equally about the cause of Palestinian liberties, as a basis for decent governance. (New York Times)
    • The Palestinians Must Lay Down Their Weapons to Achieve Peace – Editorial
      There is a clear way to end the cycle of Israeli-Palestinian violence, and that is for the Palestinians to stop their campaign of terror and incitement against Israel and the Jewish people. It really is that simple.
      What has been going on in the West Bank in recent weeks is an example of what happens when the Palestinian Authority neglects its responsibility and decides to allow terrorist groups to thrive, accumulate illegal arms, and operate with impunity. Israel prefers not to have to enter places like Jenin or Nablus but they will continue to do so as long as intelligence shows brewing threats.
      Israel might in the end need to launch a large-scale military offensive similar to 2002’s Operation Defensive Shield, which resulted in the deaths of dozens of gunmen in Jenin and Nablus. If Abbas wants to prevent that, he will need to take more aggressive steps within the cities he controls to stop the violence. (Jerusalem Post)
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