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Islam needs science

The complement between Islam and science Sultan Al Qassemi, The National, August 29. 2009 Dr Elias Zerhouni’s story was not so different from many Arab youths, growing up as he did in 1960s Algeria at a time in which his … Continue reading

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Pretending to make peace

Let’s Pretend We’re Making Arab-Israeli, Israel-Palestinian Peace What’s achieved by pretending there is progress and there will be success? Some very real and important things By Barry Rubin * August 26, 2009 Here’s one of my favorite stories explaining how … Continue reading

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Fat and healthy

The Fat Nutritionist: On Loving My Job and My Body Friday, August 28, 2009 7:11 AM By Newsweek By Michelle Allison Let’s start with this: I identify as fat because, well, I’m fat, and also because I don’t think being … Continue reading

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Review of ADHD

September is Back to School Time and ADHD Awareness Month By Carrie Mulherin – Vice President, BioBehavioral Diagnostics Health News Digest, Aug 26, 2009 What is ADHD? ( – Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common condition of the brain that … Continue reading

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Israel desalination technology

Israeli, Jordanian Scientists Squeezing Costs from Desalination by Hana Levi Julian, Arutz Sheva, August 26, 2009 Israeli and Jordanian scientists are working on a new way to reduce the cost of purifying water from the sea — the process … Continue reading

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Israeli finds Herod’s Tomb

Finding King Herod’s Tomb After a 35-year search, an Israeli archaeologist is certain he has solved the mystery of the biblical figure’s final resting place By Barbara Kreiger Smithsonian magazine, August 2009 Shielding my eyes from the glare of the … Continue reading

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Jewish-Arab coexistence needed

Where’s Israel’s Dr. King? Arabs, Jews in Israel can learn some lessons from Martin Luther King. Once Jews and Arabs join forces, they will get to know each other better, and the connection created will be much more meaningful that … Continue reading

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Individuals can resolve conflict

The need for an engagement plan There is a clear need to go beyond government negotiation and political tradition, and to increase support for people-to-people efforts on the individual level. by Kobi Skolnick, CG News, 20 August 2009 NEW YORK … Continue reading

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