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Narcissistic Candidate

Understanding Obama: The Cult of Personality By Ali Sina,, September 22, 2008 A cult of personality is excessive adulation, admiration and exaltation of a charismatic leader, often with unproven merits or achievements. It is similar to hero worship except … Continue reading

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Quartet Statement

Quartet Statement The following statement was issued today by the Middle East Quartet (United Nations, European Union, Russian Federation, and the United States): Begin Text: Representatives of the Quartet – U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, … Continue reading

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Equal Rights For All

In praise of a brave woman Nadia Hilou is a lone Arab-Israeli Christian voice for families and children By Ray Hanania , YNet News, September 25, 2008 In the backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that dominates everyone’s attention and the … Continue reading

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Stop Incitement to Genocide

Conference on State-Sanctioned Incitement to Genocide: What Can Be Done? (Conference of Presidents-Genocide Watch-Jerusalem Center) From an international conference in Washington on Tuesday: Amb. Richard Holbrooke, Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Architect of the Dayton Agreement on Bosnia The … Continue reading

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Genetics of Parasitism

Nematode Genome Provides Insight Into Evolution Of Parasitism ScienceDaily (Sep. 22, 2008) — Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, together with American colleagues, have decoded the genome of the Pristionchus pacificus nematode, thereby gaining insight into the … Continue reading

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Cooperation to Save Bees

Israelis discover cure for bee colony collapse-associated virus By Rachel Neiman, Israel 21C, September 22, 2008 It is a real-life nightmare scenario that makes any horror movie pale by comparison. The honeybees are in trouble and, by extension, so is … Continue reading

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Peaceful Civil Society First

A Peace From the Bottom Up See Also: Lesson From a Wagon Driver By Jackson Diehl, Washington Post,  September 22, 2008 The timeline for success would be measured in years, not months. The goal would not be a document that … Continue reading

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Prepare for Oil Emergency

When the oil stops flowing By Edwin Black , THE JERUSALEM POST, Sep. 21, 2008 If we lose 1.5 million barrels per day, or approximately 7.5%, we will ask our allies in the 28-member International Energy Agency to open their … Continue reading

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