Hatred From Arab Press

No Interest in Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence

Reprinted from Israel Today, March 13, 2008

‘Hamas Worships Death’
A Palestinian journalist in Gaza writes about his despair in the face of a Palestinian society that worships death. more»

Guide to Kidnapping Americans
Islamic Jihad website hosted in Texas publishes matter-of-fact guide to abducting, ransoming and executing Western non-Muslim hostages. more»

Ridiculing Rockets
“We chased the Jews out of Gaza, and now we will kick them out of Sderot, and afterwards from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.” more»

Agreements with Israel ‘Null and Void’
All Palestinian agreements made with Israel are null and void from a religious and legal point of view and are rejected by Sharia (Islamic Law) more»

Killing Jews Is the ‘Core of our Faith’
“The Prophet of Allah has promised us that the Jews will gather in Palestine, and that the Moslems will fight and destroy them.” more»

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