CN Publications is known for its newsletters on Health and Education. Formerly known as Custom Newsletter Publications, CNP was founded to provide custom newsletters to healthcare providers and educational institutions. The newsletters were printed and mailed to clients and supporters. As electonic distribution became more common, CNP published its newsletters in PDF format so that they could be sent by e-mail and printed on any office printer or copier, as well as by local copy shops. With the increasing popularity of high-speed internet, the web has now become the choice method of distribution for electronic newsletters. The CNP website continues to distribute and publish relevant information in HTML format which can be easily printed or distributed electronically.

The news and views presented by CN Publications have been selected to help build a better future in the 21st Century by promoting acceptance, tolerance, and cultural diversity. The articles emphasize the benefits of mutual cooperation, negotiation, and compromise for resolving the conflicts plaguing our world.

“The pen is mightier than the sword.”

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