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Dead Sea provides evidence of climate change phases Dead Sea sediment analyses show 15,000-year-old climate phase periods In highly sensitive regions such as the Eastern Mediterranean, where water availability is an important factor for socioeconomic and political development, it is crucial to understand how the water cycle … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Theory raises questions As Science Develops, More Holes Show up in Evolutionary Theory More than 1,100 scientists and researchers in chemistry, biology, medicine, physics, geology, anthropology, paleontology, statistics, and other fields have signed a scientific dissenting statement against Darwinism. The statement says, … Continue reading

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Palestinian violence against Jews

Palestinians justify violence against Jews Palestinian terror against Israelis is intentional violence rooted in deep hatred. Until Western leaders connect Palestinian terror to the anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist propaganda that emanates from Palestinian society, peace and reconciliation will remain delusional pipe … Continue reading

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