Jewish silence on anti-semitism

Jackie Mason – Thank G od for the gentiles!

Jews, our lives are once again in peril. What we saw on the streets of New York, Miami, Los Angeles, London, and Paris were not isolated events. We are living in a new reality, reminiscent of an all too common old reality that most Jews alive have not yet experienced first-hand.

Jewish World Review

The Jews are their own worst enemy, and that’s putting it lightly.

For much of their history, they have brought upon themselves suffering. That’s not to say that those who chose, and still choose, to persecute them were not acting out of irrational and inexplicable hatred, but if the behavior of most contemporary Jews are any indicator, these kinds of terrible situations have undoubtedly been due to the actions and ideas of our co-religionists.

We can’t wipe our hands clean and say we are purely victims, although on an individual basis that might be the case, because surely the collective has some complicity in what occurs to them.

Unfortunately, the events of the past month have not surprised me. The viciousness and brazenness of the anti-Semitic incidents taking place in many of the World’s major cities weren’t any more vicious or brazen than events that occurred countless times in our people’s history. It’s the deafening silence amongst our own that has boggled my mind.

It takes a lot to boggle my mind. It’s the lack of response from the Jewish community that disturbs me. It’s like the slogan Never Again has turned into Yes, Please, Once Again.

Of course, there are noteworthy exceptions, but they are exceptions nonetheless. We’re talking about serious topics, possibly the most serious topic anybody who reads this will ever read. I’m not even joking.

Jews, our lives are once again in peril. What we saw on the streets of New York, Miami, Los Angeles, London, and Paris were not isolated events. We are living in a new reality, reminiscent of an all too common old reality that most Jews alive have not yet experienced first-hand. They might have been told about it by older relatives, or read about it in books, or seen it on some screen, but most Jews alive today have not encountered hatred on the street.

Some of my naive friends, and I use the term friends very broadly, exclaim “but I have never, never, not even once seen anti-Semitism!” That’s because they don’t have such a good eye doctor, and their prescription is way off.

The people chanting in the street Free Palestine are interested in one thing, and one thing only. Don’t kid yourselves, they want you dead. They don’t care about human rights, and they don’t care about their brethren. They glorify martyrdom, they celebrate death. There is a reason they chant “Death to the Jews.” Why don’t you believe that they are serious and would do it if given the chance?

The young man arrested last month for beating up a Jew in Midtown Manhattan, said after being released that day that he would do it again. There is no concept of remorse. The fact that the rule of law still reigns in most places is why these abominable chants don’t get a chance to be actualized.

Like the Ethics of the Fathers, Pirkei Avos says, without the government a neighbor would swallow up his neighbor.

Just look at what’s happening to our beloved New York. With the policing becoming more lax, we have seen the rule of the Jungle return. What seemed impossible just a few short years ago, is now a waking nightmare. Try taking the subway without feeling a twinge of fear. My friends, we are in trouble, and instead of responding in a loud and courageous way, we hear nothing from our elected leaders.

Yes, I’m talking to you Charles Schumer. Our vaunted Senator from New York. I’m sure he is a nice guy — and a coward, as well. When going on numerous taxpayer paid foreign trips to Israel he got plenty of opportunity to see the situation. When it was time to raise money, he touted his support of Israel to pull in big donations. Now this precious ally of ours is being attacked, Jews are being attacked on the streets, and what do we hear from him? Nothing!

It is politically inexpedient for him, so he doesn’t take a stand, and we see retroactively that all his outspokenness was just empty grandstanding. The irony is that he is only protecting his political hide, but he is too conservative for the progressive wing of the Democrat party. He will eventually be replaced anyway.

That goes for Dianne Feinstein and any of the other mainstream Jewish Democrats who will be unseated due to their suddenly retrograde views. The Squad as they have been called will take them all down. Their only mission is to make everyone hate their own country, in the guise of “criticism” and being for “the people,” and they will succeed in dismantling the country from within, starting with the old dinosaurs who until recently had firm control of the Party.

Yes, the donkey dinosaurs will go the way of the dodo. Extinct! And the new crop of Democrats will continue to betray the only democracy in the Middle East resulting in the most dangerous situation our people have seen in years. Yes, we’ve made it until now, but that’s no guarantee that we will continue. Yes, this is a depressing article. It is a depressing situation. But we still have a couple options.

We have the power of free speech, we have the power to speak up when real injustices are perpetrated. We can’t just snap our fingers and say “problem solved”. It’s a complex one, probably more complex than it’s ever been, but also we have the ability to get our voices heard more than ever.

There is a tremendous noise from the other side, with tweets, and likes, and whatever else keeps people’s attention these days, but we have to be bold in sending out bright clear signals that leave no doubt as to what is right. Sometimes it takes half-Jews or quarter-Jews or even, non-Jews to do the job.

Just listen to Bill Maher eviscerating Nicholas Kristof of the NY Times with obvious, common sense arguments. Anyone who is unsure of what is what in the Middle East just has to listen to what Maher had to say last week on his show.

The bottom line is that Republican Gentiles stand up for Israel, and what it represents, at all costs. Thank God for the Goyim.The Democrat Jews in office are more concerned about their votes in the next election than truth.

Not all politicians are liars, and not all Democrats are anti-Semites. Look at Congressman Ritchie Torres and his courageous stance against the trends of his party. AOC and her Squad are expected to be anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. They’re just ignorant of history, and collectively don’t have much for brains to begin with, but Schumer the Harvard educated Jewish wonder boy is a different story altogether.

Schumer’s silence has been deafening, and a real disgrace. Doesn’t he have a Jewish mother to tell him he should be ashamed of himself? Well, I will be that Jewish mother, and I’ll grab him by the ear and drag him into the Senate kicking and screaming to stand up for his people and to stand against the obscenity of anti-Semitic violence that we’ve begun to see with alarming frequency again.

And only when Jews like himself and all the rest of the deluded Jews in Park Slope and the Upper West Side wake up to the short sightedness that they have been engaged in, will the possibility of real enduring peace and harmony be on the horizon.

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