Shuafat Jerusalem is still called a refugee camp

Refugee camp. Shuafat and Beit Hanina… is everything bad here?

Pro-Israel Christian activists Joshua and Luke visit Palestinian villages, meet the people, and “bust leftist myths”

Both videos released on YouTube, March 10, 2021.  Real eye-openers about the “suffering” Palestinian refugees. they might be suffering in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, but not in Israel.

Mar 10, 2021
Shuafat and Beit Hanina, Refugee camp … is everything bad here? Jerusalem 4k60, 7.3.2021, Street Sound #Jerusalem4k #Israel4k #4kWalk #Jerusalem #Shuafat #BeitHanina #PalestinianArea #RefugeeCamp….
Shuafat, also Shu’fat and Sha’fat, is a mostly Arab neighborhood of East Jerusalem, forming part of north-eastern Jerusalem. Located on the old Jerusalem–Ramallah road about three miles north of the Old City, Shu’fat has a population of 35,000 residents. Next to the Shu’fat neighbourhood there is a refugee camp of the same name, which was established by King Hussein of Jordan in 1965 to house Palestinian refugees from the Jerusalem, Lydda, Jaffa, and Ramleh areas, after the Muascar camp in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City had been closed. Shu’fat borders Pisgat Ze’ev and Beit Hanina on the north, Shu’fat refugee camp on the east, French Hill on the south, and Ramat Shlomo on the west.[4][5] Shu’fat is located in the part of the West Bank which was included in the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem after its occupation in 1967.
Beit Hanina is an Arab Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem. It is on the road to Ramallah, eight kilometers north of central Jerusalem, at an elevation of 780 meters above sea level. Beit Hanina is divided by the Israeli West Bank barrier into Al-Jadida (the new village), which is located within the Israeli Jerusalem municipality and includes the vast majority of the built-up area, and Al-Balad (the old village), which lies outside the municipality. The total area of Beit Hanina is 16.3 sq. kilometers (6.3 sq. miles) or 16,284 dunams, of which 2,775 are built up. In 2007, Beit Hanina had a population of over 27,000, including 26,762 Jerusalem residents in the new village and 1,072 under PNA administration (Wikipedia)
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Watch: We entered a Palestinian village to bust some myths

Pro-Israel Christian activists Joshua and Luke visit Palestinian villages, meet the people, and “bust leftist myths”

March 10, 20121

This week’s show is different! We went into Palestinian villages, met the people, and captured normal Palestinian life on camera. Undercover, Joshua and Luke visit Rawabi, a Palestinian western city built for 40,000 people right in the middle of Samaria. How many people actually live there? You’ll be blown away by the answer. After visiting another abandoned village, the team heads into Turmus Ayya, a place considered the “America of the West Bank”. 12,000 people claim this village as home, but less than 4,000 live here. Filled with villas and mansions, this place looks like it came straight out of Hollywood. Joshua even got to interview the mayor on camera! This week’s show is truly on the front lines of Israel’s heartland.

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