Four experts discuss Ivermectin


Discussing Ivermectin And COVID-19 With 4 Experts! Dr.’s Scheim, Hibberd, Kory, And Juan Chamie!

Whiteboard Doctor, Youtube, February 2, 2021

Four experts discuss Ivermectin and COVID-19! Dr. David Scheim, Dr. Jennifer Hibberd, Juan Chamie, and Dr. Pierre Kory talk about a new article published by Dr.’s Scheim, Hibberd, and Juan Chamie on Ivermectin use in Peru (decreased excess deaths by 74%!). They then dive into the use of Ivermectin for COVID-19, what this study means, and where things may be going! This is a DO-NOT-MISS video that is worth a watch!

LINK TO THE PAPER DISCUSSED:… You may recognize many of these names from previous studies and videos. Dr. Scheim authored a previous paper on SARS-CoV-2 hemagglutination that we covered linked here:… Dr. Hibberd is the co-author on the paper being discussed focusing on Ivermectin use in Peru and excess deaths. Juan Chamie published the foundational work for this more recent paper on Ivermectin use in Peru that we covered linked here:… Dr. Pierre Kory President of the FLCCC and advocate for therapies to prevent/treat COVID-19 with a focus on Ivermectin. You may recognize him from his testimony in front of the Senate. FLCCC website linked here:


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