Nikki Haley at RNC

Highlights from RNC, First Night

The Democrats blamed America, the Republicans praised her.

Here are four chosen fabulous speeches from last night. All speakers were marvelous.

Senator Tim Scott speech:

Two wonderful quotes from his speech:

My mother told me to reach for the moon, and if you miss it you’ll still be among the stars.

and about his family:

From cotton to Congress in one life time.

Maximo Alvarez emotional speech:

Former NFL player, a friend of Trump for 37 years:

Nikki Haley’s speech. BTW, the only speaker that mentioned Israel.

Every speech last night was amazing, personal and emotional. The difference between the Republican and Democratic conventions cannot be more stark.

The Democrats spoke at you, the Republicans spoke to you. The Democrats blamed America, the Republicans praised her.

Finally, for now, here is Nikki Haley being interviewed this morning about her speech. It is rumored that she may rejoin Trump’s administration. If Biden loses, you are looking at the first colored woman president of the USA in 2024 who, unlike Kamala, is actually qualified for the job.

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