Palestinians are missing an opportunity

The Israel-UAE Agreement and the Palestinians

The dilemma of the region does not lie in Israel, which has become a reality that cannot be changed whether we like it or not. The real dilemma is that slogans still replace logic and reliance on populism is much easier than facing facts.

Reprinted from Daily alert, August 19, 2020


  • Kushner Slams Palestinians, Critics of UAE-Israel Peace Deal – Ray Hanania
    In a teleconference briefing on Monday, senior U.S. presidential advisor Jared Kushner strongly denounced the Palestinians and other critics of the UAE-Israel peace deal. The Palestinians “have the same talking points that their attack dogs say. Quite frankly I feel the world has started to block out the noise that comes out of there because it’s so predictable and it’s so illogical.” Kushner said President Trump is “ready to engage at any time” with the Palestinians to resolve the conflict, but warned: “We aren’t going to chase the Palestinian leadership.”
    Kushner said Palestinian “credibility is at an all-time low….Even people who want to help the Palestinians, those people are seeing you can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves. There’s a lot of frustration in the region with the Palestinian leadership. It’s because they’re either stuck in the past, or they don’t want to make peace….I don’t see how their current actions are leading to the Palestinian people having a better life.”  (Arab News-Saudi Arabia)
  • Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv…The Truth is Painful – Salman Al-Dossary
    The Palestinian cause is going through its worst situation, not because of the UAE and its new relationship with Israel, but because of the accumulation of complex problems and political and economic conditions that have become more difficult year after year.
    The dilemma of the region does not lie in Israel, which has become a reality that cannot be changed whether we like it or not. The real dilemma is that slogans still replace logic and reliance on populism is much easier than facing facts. The writer is a former editor-in-chief of Asharq Al-Awsat. (Asharq Al-Awsat-UK)
  • Palestinian Professor Slams PA’s “Overreaction” to Israel-UAE Deal – Khaled Abu Toameh
    Mohammed Dajani, a prominent Palestinian professor of political science and peace activist, on Monday criticized the Palestinian Authority leadership for rejecting last week’s agreement between Israel and the UAE to normalize relations. “The Palestinian leadership is losing. They have to understand one thing: that the United Arab Emirates did not do this out of the blue; they did not just suddenly do it. There are other countries involved, such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and other Gulf countries. In addition, there are other countries such as Sudan, Morocco and Lebanon that are thinking along these lines.”
    Dajani advised the PA leadership to calm down “and stop this overreaction.” “If you have taken a strategic decision that you want peace, then peace cannot happen without reconciliation, and reconciliation cannot happen without normalization. Since a decision has been taken to seek peace with Israel through diplomatic ways and negotiations, then normalization should be a pillar in that reconciliation process.”  (Jerusalem Post)
  • The Israel-UAE Agreement Offers a Chance for a New Peace Paradigm – David Makovsky
    Palestinians have insisted that they maintain a veto on progress of ties between Arab states and Israel. Either Israel accepted a deal on Palestinian terms, or Israel would remain in regional isolation. At best, peace between Israel and the Arab states would be a consolation prize in return for Israel meeting all Palestinian demands that have not modified in many years. This approach has emerged to be utterly unrealistic. It is time for the Palestinians to let go and finally bury a failed paradigm.
    It is time for the Palestinians to get over their shock and begin to see the Israeli-Emirati breakthrough as a potential bridge to restart talks with Israel. The Emirates’ close ties with Israel can be helpful. The writer is a Fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. (New York Daily News)
  • The Palestinian People Cannot Expect Their Arab Allies to Suspend Their Needs Forever – Hussain Abdul-Hussain
    After 72 years of conflict with Israel, the only path forward is peace. Either the Palestinian leadership offers its Arab allies a clear vision – with a timetable – of how it plans to arrive at peace with Israel, or it should let its Arab allies look after their own interests. The Palestinian people cannot expect regional states to suspend their needs forever while waiting for the Palestinian leadership to make up its mind on what it wants and how it plans to achieve it.
    The writer is the Washington bureau chief of the Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai and a former visiting fellow at Chatham House in London. (Asia Times-Hong Kong)
  • The Arab World Is Fed Up with the Palestinians – Ben-Dror Yemini
    The biggest surprise following Israel’s peace accord with the UAE is that there was no division within the Arab world about it. In fact, almost all Arab countries – except for Yemen and Qatar – have expressed their support for the agreement and hopped on the peace train. The Arab world is fed up. It realizes, albeit belatedly, that wherever Islamic radicalism is involved – whether Shi’ite or Sunni – the result is always destruction and ruin. The Arab world refuses to continue entertaining every Palestinian whim.
    Beginning in the late 1990s, Arab leaders realized that the “Palestinian problem” was not an asset, but a burden. After all, being hostile to Israel never benefited anyone. Although Abbas stopped the violence, he stuck to Arafat’s diplomatic policy of always saying “no,” regardless of what was on offer. They never wanted a state for the Palestinian people, they just didn’t want one for the Jews.
    Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians and it resulted in Hamas rule. Arab leaders know that Hamas’ parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, hates them. When the Palestinians choose peace over the fantasy of destroying Israel, their situation will improve drastically. (Ynet News)


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