School is closed, children have fun

Which child is wearing the Purim costume?

When we have to stay home in self-isolation, it’s important to exercise the body and mind. Here is a logic puzzle for the mind.

What is the family name of each child and which costumes are they wearing?

Adapted by Israel Zwick, March 16, 2020

Author’s Note: The following story was adapted from Classic Logic Puzzles (Sterling Publishing Co., 2003). The story is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to real persons, places, or events is completely coincidental.

After Purim 5780, the schools in Jerusalem closed to help contain the spread of the coronavirus. Four children, who were good friends, decided to get together and dress up with their Purim costumes. One was dressed as the foolish king, Ahab. One dressed as the evil viceroy, Haman. One decided to be different and dress as an ugly witch.  One dressed as the beautiful queen Esther.  The family names of the children are Fein, Diron, and Sweg.

Assume that all the following statements are true. What is the family name of each child and what is the costume that each child wore?

  1. Yitzy and Shifra are brother and sister but neither of them was dressed as the ugly witch or the evil viceroy, Haman.
  2. The Sweg boy lives near Yitzy and Shifra and often comes to visit riding on his hoverboard. He also didn’t dress as the ugly witch.
  3. Dasi also lives nearby, and she also didn’t dress as the evil viceroy Haman.
  4. Everyone agreed that the one who dressed as the foolish king, Ahab, had the best costume. But it was not Moshe who chose that costume.
  5. One of the Diron children was dressed as the beautiful Queen Esther.

There is enough information in the statements above to solve the puzzle.  Hint: Make a 4 x 2 chart with each child’s name and costume and fill in the blanks according to the statements.  Have fun.

The solution is below but don’t look unless your frustration is contributing to your anxiety.



From statements 1 and 5, Yitzy and Shifra are the Diron children. From statements 2 and 3, Dasi is not Sweg, therefore she has to be Fein.  So Moshe has to be Sweg.

From statements 1 and 2, Dasi Fein wore the ugly witch costume.  Therefore, Moshe wore the evil viceroy Haman costume.  From statements 1 and 4, Yitzy wore the foolish king Ahab costume.  Shifra dressed as the beautiful Queen Esther.


Dasi Fein…….….ugly witch

Yitzy Diron….….foolish King Ahab

Shifra Diron……beautiful Queen Esther

Moshe Sweg……evil viceroy Haman


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