Abbas will not bring peace

Livni and Herzog’s delusions about ‘peace’

While the Middle East is burning around us, the center-left political camp is still trying to convince Israeli voters that Israel can live in peace with its Arab neighbors and be embraced lovingly by the world.

Shoula Romano Horing

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Feb. 8. 2015 / Israel Opinion

The Islamic State has released a 22-minutes video showing the burning alive of a Jordanian pilot who was trapped in a cage while being filmed. The horrific video was choreographed, used special effects, and showed cheering crowds. 

If these terrorists could do this to a fellow Arab-Muslim, imagine what Islamic Jihadists like Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah would do to the Jewish state.

But despite this harsh, horrific reality in the Middle East, Tzipi Livni and Isaac Herzog, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political rivals in the upcoming elections, are still trying to convince Israeli voters that peace is possible for Israel in the Middle East.

The center-left political camp still argues that if Israel would only engage with or negotiate with its Arab enemies, and especially Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, there is a chance for peace. They argue that the roots of the conflict and the anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish terrorism and hatred are because of the so-called occupation, the settlements, the zealot settlers, the roadblocks, poverty and a sense of humiliation and hopelessness among the Arabs.

Livni and Herzog still believe that if Israel would be willing to withdraw from the so-called occupied territories to the 1967 borders, and a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as a capital be established, Israel would at last live in peace with its Arab Palestinian neighbors and be embraced lovingly by US President Barack Obama, the Europeans and the world.

They are warning us about Netanyahu’s paranoia concerning the existential threats of a nuclear Iran, radical Islam and another Hamastan and argue that his obsession will only lead Israel to international isolation and boycotts.

While the Middle East is burning around us, they minimize and dismiss the security threats in their election campaign and tell us to concentrate instead on the economy, social issues, Sara Netanyahu’s bottle-gate, and the prime minister’s offensive mannerisms.

They argue that Netanyahu should not speak in front of the US Congress in March regarding additional sanctions on Iran in an effort to dismantle its plans for nuclear weapons, in order not to offend and contradict President Obama’s strategy of appeasement and renewed “friendship” with Iran. The same president who still refuses to identify the enemy as “Islamic terrorists” or “radical Islamists.”

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. Israeli voters would be insane to vote for Livni and Herzog’s delusions, as they previously did with Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert and Ariel Sharon.

If they will win, either through negotiations or unilateral withdrawal, another terrorist Hamastan will be created in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Suicide bombings and rocket attacks will be a daily event which will paralyze Israel’s cities, airport and economy.

In order to keep the fiction of a strong US-Israel relationship, they will not object when Obama proceeds to sign a bad diplomatic agreement in which Iran will become a thresh hold nuclear state. Sanctions-free Iran will literally always be three months away from burning Israelis alive, and blackmailing the Gulf states, while expanding their regional empire from Lebanon and Syria, to Yemen and Iraq. After the American army leaves, Israel will be the only viable military facing ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Iran and its proxies.

Israelis must realize that there is no chance for any true peace in the Middle East for many years to come since several generations of young Arabs and Muslims have already been lost through daily brainwashing to the dark side of civilization, and nothing Israel or the United States will do can bring them back. Similar to Nazism, the central theme of their indoctrination is irrational and obsessive hatred of Western values and Jews.

Abbas, the Palestinian leader that Peres, Livni and Herzog wish to negotiate with, is an Holocaust denier, who formed a unity government with a genocidal Hamas that calls for the murder of all Jews. While being portrayed by the left as a “moderate” and a “partner for peace,” Abbas has been paying salaries to the murderers of Jews, providing pensions to the families of suicide bombers, glorifying terrorists in the official Palestinian media, and naming streets, squares, schools after these “martyrs.”

I have never understood why the center-left parties in Israel and the leftist media believe that every conflict can be solved diplomatically. Many attempts by Israeli governments led by the center-left camp to find a diplomatic solution have caused further violence and bloodshed for Jews.

The 1993 Oslo agreement and the 2000 Camp David Accords both signed by Labor Party governments caused more than 5,000 fatalities and injuries to Israelis. After the unilateral withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 2000 by a Labor-led government and the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 by a government led by Livni’s Kadima party, communities inside Israel have been victimized by thousands of rockets and missiles and consequently the Israeli army has been involved in five defensive military campaigns in the last 13 years

However, Israel, clearly acting in self-defense, not only was not embraced by the world but was met with broad unprecedented international condemnations, de-legitimization, boycotts and repeated UN investigations accusing Israel of possible “war crimes.”

Sometimes a military solution is the only solution against evil, as was the case against Nazism. Making Israel stronger than ever militarily and hunting down and targeting the terrorists and their sponsors is the solution.

Ceasefires and negotiations are used by the enemies as a delaying tactic and a period for renewed military buildups and training. Negotiations and withdrawals from territories are perceived in the Middle East as appeasement and weakness and serve as motivation to restart the violence.

How much more bloodshed is necessary before Livni and Herzog and other leftists understand that even if Israel limited its territory only to the city of Tel Aviv, this would still not bring peace, but serve as a jumpstart and invitation for more terror?

Shoula Romano Horing is an attorney. Her blog can be found here:

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