Fatah murders Israeli father of five

Friends eulogize Eviatar Borovsky

Yitzhar victim of Tapuach junction terror attack remembered as ‘talented man who would always laugh at everything’; Borovsky is survived by wife, five children

By Brit Perets, YNet News, April 30, 2013

Eviatar Borovsky, 31, was supposed to attend rehearsal for a new improvisation play of the Ar’el theater group for Jewish culture Tuesday morning, but before his friend arrived at the Tapuach junction to pick Borovsky up, the latter was stabbed to death by Salem Zaal, 24, from the village of Shucha near Tulkarem.

Borovsky, resident of the Yitzhar settlement, is survived by a wife and five children. His friend Oshri Meimon, who was supposed to pick him up Tuesday morning, told Ynet that terror victim was "a talented man who would always laugh at everything."

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Assaf Paniel, another friend from the theater group said that "as soon as we heard about the attack we tried to make it to his house in Yitzhar, so we could be with his wife and the family, but the army was blocking the road."

Though 14 years have passed since Borovsky graduated from the Hispin yeshiva, head of the yeshiva Rabbi Moshe Egozi, remembered Borovsky fondly, noting that "he was a special man, very spiritual, alternative, abstract; a very gentle person.

"We met again later in life when we started an alumni seminary at the yeshiva," Egozi added. "We started the seminary so as to promote the study of alternative spirituality, in which Eviatar was always interested."

The terror attack took place Tuesday morning, when Za’al repeatedly stabbed Borovsky in his abdomen and then snatched his gun. Border Guard soldiers who were nearby opened fire at Za’al and injured him lightly.

According to military evaluations, Za’al, a Fatah operative from the village of Shucha near Tulkarem, had executed the terror attack in order to clear his family name after his brother was sent to prison for collaborating with Israel.

Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades , Fatah’s military wing, has taken responsibility for the attack. Palestinian security sources stated it was possible that Za’al was a member of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, but were nonetheless dubious of the authenticity of the announcement.

A few hours after the murder, riots ensued as dozens of settlers hurled stones at Palestinian vehicles near the village of Hawara, and a bus carrying Palestinian schoolgirls was attacked with stones. The bus’ windshield was shattered and the driver was injured.

Settlers also entered the Palestinian village of Urif, torched structures, threw rocks and injured at least one local. Seven settlers have been arrested so far on suspicion of rioting.

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