Israel educates Asians and Americans

Singapore adopts Israeli-style education

The "Excellence 2000" program, developed by The Israel Center for Excellence through Education, was purchased by the education ministry in Singapore • It is currently employed in 300 Israeli schools and 150 schools in the U.S.

Yael Branovsky, November 7, 2012

Students at an elementary school in Singapore. The country has adopted an advanced Israeli educational program.


Photo credit: Reuters

Despite local criticism of Israel’s educational system, for the past three years Singapore has been running an Israeli educational program in 30 elementary schools throughout the country. The program, known as "Excellence 2000," was developed by The Israel Center for Excellence through Education and Singapore purchased rights to the program for NIS 1.5 million ($387,000).

In light of the program’s success in Israel, Singapore’s Ministry of Education decided to implement it in junior high schools as well.

The program is meant for students who excel and involves the development of special materials and teacher training courses, with the aim being to encourage independent thought, motivation and creativity among the gifted students.

Singapore also signed two additional agreements with the center for a multi-year expansion of the program, which will eventually be implemented in all elementary schools in the country.

The "Excellence 2000" program is currently operating in close to 300 schools throughout Israel and around 150 schools in the U.S. It is also undergoing a trial run in several schools in India.

Arnon Ikan, director-general of The Israel Center for Excellence through Education, said "The success of the program in Singapore is proof of our ability to contribute."

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