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Arabs never intended independent Palestinian state

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 | Ryan Jones, Israel Today


Arabs never intended independent Palestinian state

Israel on Tuesday marked the 64th anniversary of the November 29, 1947 UN decision to partition the British Mandate for Palestine into Arab and Jewish states, a motion that led to the immediate birth of the State of Israel.

The Palestinians also marked the day, but with mourning, decrying the UN decision as a “sin,” though they simultaneously demand that Israel return to the partition borders that the Arabs originally rejected.

A telling, though ultimately unsurprising, revelation during this year’s anniversary is that the Arab world never intended for there to be an independent Palestinian Arab state.

On the eve of the UN partition vote, a reporter for the Palestine Post spoke to a prominent Arab official in Cairo who noted that King Abdullah of Trans-Jordan, great-grandfather of today’s King Abdullah II, was planning to invade the areas west of the Jordan River in order to expand his kingdom, regardless of whether or not the partition plan passed. (h/t Elder of Ziyon)

Like everyone else at the time, King Abdullah recognized that the Arabs in Syria, Jordan and what would become Israel and the Palestinian Authority areas were all of the same stock, and therefore should live under one flag, his.

Abdullah’s “Greater Syria” scheme was opposed by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon, which formed their own bloc with the intention of invading “Palestine” first and placing it under the rule of a protectorate regime.

As it turns out, Abdullah did invade and did seize control of part of the Mandate territory. He later annexed what came to be known as the “West Bank.”

What is clear from these pre-partition rumblings and from Abdullah subsequent actions is that the Arab world never had any interest in an independent Palestinian Arab state, since the so-called “Palestinian” Arabs were no different than Jordanian Arabs – both nationalities that had only recently been invented. And while Egypt and its allies had an interest in containing Abdullah’s expansionism, their agenda was not independence for the Arabs of “Palestine.”

Oddly enough, today the world has accepted the lie that all of the region’s troubles (and most of the world’s troubles) are the result of the Palestinian Arabs not having their own sovereign state.

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