Israel arrests 12 suspects in Jenin

Islamic Jihad and “Soul of Jerusalem” Associated Militants Arrested in Northern West Bank

Posted on May 31, 2011 by Israel Defense Forces

Overnight, 12 Palestinian Islamic Jihad-associated militants were arrested in a joint IDF-ISA activity taking place in the Jenin area. The activity was coordinated with the Civil Administration.

The suspects are senior activists in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Judea and Samaria Region and are suspected of providing guidance in planning terror activities as well as transferring finances and taking an active part in the rebuilding of terror networks in the region.

In addition, GOC Central Command, Maj. Gen. Avi Mizrahi, ordered to close the offices of the “El Bara’a” association in Jenin and its possessions were confiscated. These actions took place due to its associations with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Gaza-based organization “The Soul of Jerusalem” (also known as the Foundation of the Spirit of Jerusalem for the Prisoners and Martyrs’ ) , both of which were declared illegal organizations as they operate constantly in order to harm the security of Israel’s citizens and security forces.

The following is from WAFA, Palestine News and Information Agency 

JENIN, May 31, 2011 (WAFA) – Israeli army Tuesday arrested ten Palestinians, including two women, in several areas of Jenin, north of the West Bank, according to security sources.

In Arabba, a village southwest of Jenin, Israeli soldiers arrested two women and a man after raiding their homes and tampering with their contents.

Israeli intelligence members also raided the family house of Islamic Jihad leader, Adnan Khader, and handed his family a notice for him to appear for being ‘wanted’.

Israeli forces raided the home of Hamas leader Abdul Baset al-Hajj in Jalqamus, a village east of Jenin, and handed the same notice to his parents. They also raided his siblings’ houses.

In Kafr Rai, a village south of Jenin, Israeli soldiers arrested two Palestinians and raided several houses. They arrested three more Palestinians from Jaba and Zababdeh, other villages south of Jenin.

In villages west of Jenin, Israeli forces arrested two Palestinians, raided homes and damaged several vehicles.

In a related development, the Israeli army sealed al-Bara’a al-Muslima charity organization with wax and welding in Jenin city and broke down the doors of the Palestinian People’s Party and Islamic Relief offices in the same building, destroying contents and confiscating computers and files.


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