Hamas aims for civilian casualties

Hamas Operatives Planning Rocket Attacks at Jerusalem Stadium Arrested

02 January 2011 , IDF Press Release

The two visited a hillside across the stadium in order to survey the area for their missile attack.

Photo: Defense Ministry

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Two Hamas operatives from east Jerusalem were arrested for planning a terror attack on a soccer stadium in Jerusalem, one of many activities the two planned to carry out before their arrest by the Israel Security Agency and Jerusalem

The ISA recently revealed that a number of suspects involved in Hamas activity, including two planning a terror attack on the Teddy Stadium, a soccer stadium in Jerusalem, were arrested by the Israel Security Agency (ISA) and Jerusalem District Police during the month of November.

Musa Hamada from the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sur Bahr and his friend Bassem Omeri, an Israeli citizen from Beit Safafa, were indicted on Sunday (Jan. 2) for their plans to execute a terror attack. The two suspects’ activities included systematically checking how best to launch a rocket while the stadium was crowded with people during a game.The two visited a hillside across the stadium in order to survey the area for their attack.

According to the ISA’s investigation, the two began planning the attack in response to Operation Cast Lead. One of the suspects, Omeri, even planned an attack against IDF soldiers, possibly a kidnapping. The suspects also acquired a number of rifles from east Jerusalem neighborhoods Sur Bahar and Beit Hanina in order to carry out additional attacks.

The investigation revealed their connection to a larger terror network. Musa Hamada visited Saudi Arabia a number of times over the past two years, where he met up with a representative and member of the Muslim Brotherhood terror organization in order to get funding for his activities. In one of the meetings, the Saudi man gave Hamada money both to purchase the weaponry and acquire intelligence about different sites in Jerusalem. Other Hamas activity was discovered in the Jerusalem area, specifically at the Temple Mount (a religious site in the city).

In their indictment on Sunday (Jan. 2), the two were found guilty of membership and support of a terrorist organization, illegal use of weapons and their connection to crime. The suspects were accused of joining Hamas and working as its operatives at the Temple Mount over the past three years. Hamas activity at the Temple Mount includes funding maintenance and subsidizing school trips to mosques. The other suspects were indicted for helping the two acquire weaponry.

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© 2011 IDF. All rights reserved

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