Take pride in Israel

Israelis should feel proud of their national accomplishments

The following is reprinted from Zion Net, January 18, 2009

Israeli High Tech Companies Attract Overseas Investors Yoram Ettinger

Just like the 2001 crash of NASDAQ, the current global economic meltdown underlines the survival of the fittest, highlighting the competitive edge of Israel ‘s high tech industries:

The Gaza War has a mild impact on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: 1.4% decline compared with a 4.4% decline upon the March 31, 2002 war on Palestinian terrorism in Judea & Samaria, a 6.4% decline following the September 25-29, 1996 Palestinian terrorism (Western Wall Tunnel), a 7% decline caused by the 2006 Lebanon War, an 11.4% decline caused by 9/11 and a 13.6% decline triggered by Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait (Globes, Dec. 29, 2008). Read On …

Energy: An Element of Israel’s National Security Binyamin Ben-Eliezer*

Energy security is a component of national security. In much of the world, energy consumption is still based on fossil resources whose reserves are diminishing, which means crude oil and natural gas prices will keep going up.

In the current geo-political situation, Israel is like an island. In a world with irrational leaders such as Hugo Chavez and Mohammed Ahmadinejad, Israel must do its utmost to secure its energy supply in order to preserve its security and way of life. The Ministry of National Infrastructures is acting in a number of arenas in parallel to assure Israel’s long-term energy security.Read On …

A Jewish Rejection Melanie Philips

Emanuele Ottolenghi has written an important and profound article in the Jewish Chronicle. He has spotted a particularly striking and grotesque aspect of the odious hatred of Israel displayed by an increasing number of Jewish intellectuals on the left. Redefining moral virtue to exclude every characteristic other than being a left-wing personality, they seek to redefine Jewish moral virtue to exclude Jewish nationalism. Claiming to be returning to authentic Jewish values, they therefore purport to speak in the interests of Jews and Judaism by saving Jews from themselves in their reprehensibly un-Jewish embrace of Zionism and Israel. Read On …

A Palestinian State? Five Reasons to Say NO! Paul Eidelberg

Contrary to the governments of the United States and Israel, various experts in both countries reject the “two-state” solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I shall mention their views while developing five decisive arguments against a Palestinian state: Economic, Demographic, Political, Strategic, and Democratic.

Let’s begin with the Economic arguments: A RAND study indicates that a Palestinian state would not be economically viable. It would require $33 billion for the first ten years of its existence-and this study was made before the economic crisis now confronting the United States and entire world. Read On …

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