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Making Hebrew the only official language one way to protect Zionist enterprise

By Haim Misgav, YNet News, June 30, 2008

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               Jewish Pride

David Ben-Gurion declared the Jewish State’s establishment without fearing a possible petition to the courts. Fortunately for the Jewish people, there were no judges in Jerusalem at this time who could issue injunctions.

Our defense forces, this is what they were called in those days, were therefore preparing for a war against the Arabs, who back then already knew exactly what they wanted: To eliminate the Zionist entity even before it was born; cut the umbilical cord and kill the fetus.

This mission at least has failed – yet ever since then they have not given up. With the help of “good Jews,” devout liberals or infuriating anarchists, or just delusional and naïve people, they do everything in their power in order to eliminate the Jewish people’s national home; the one promised to the Jews in the Balfour Declaration and the international conventions that came in its wake.

One of those people, Ami Ayalon, formerly a glorious fighter and currently a grey politician, seeks to grant the Arabs in Israel “cultural autonomy,” which means no less than permitting disengagement from Israel and a connection to the “Palestinian State,” should it be established, heaven forbid, east of Kfar Saba.

Another Israeli organization, “Zochrot”, seeks to post memorial signs in every location that was once an Arab community and is now a Jewish community. This delusional demand, which in fact pertains to every city, village, or town, was met with a favorable response by the leaders of the Jewish National Fund.

Get up and leave

This growing madness, which can be also seen at universities and theaters, must be stopped at some point – and there are many ways to do it. Not a transfer, but something close to it. Those who do no wish to live in the Jewish State, on all this entails, should hand back their Israeli ID cards. Hebrew should be the only official language. There is no such thing as multinationalism. There is only one nationality – and it is derived from living in the State of Israel. Both Jews and Arabs must decide – either they are here, or there.

This means, for example, that visiting enemy states would become illegal, as proposed by Knesset Member Esterina Tartman, or that inciting for or encouraging terrorism is forbidden. Zionism is the Jewish people’s national movement. Because of it, the State of Israel was established and millions of Jews were saved. Those who don’t want this country anymore or wish to turn the State of Israel into something else should get up and leave.

The anarchists, for example, who provoke the Arabs in Hebron; nobody is forcing them to stay here. Perhaps they may even need to be expelled one of these days. The Brits did it before World War II; Jews of this type were sent back to their home countries. Most of them, by the way, died in Soviet gulags.

It is possible that a “Palestinian state” will be established one of these days between the desert and the sea, but those who want it Jew-free must agree to the other side of the equation; otherwise, the State of Israel will turn into a federation of minorities with all sorts of odd “autonomies.” There will apparently also be some Jews who would wish to disengage from the Jewish-Zionist state. I guess Ami Ayalon didn’t think this through.

Dr. Haim Misgav is a law lecturer

Source: YNET News

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