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Gaza Sewage Threatens Israel

Gaza sewage crisis threatens Israel as waste flows north By ROBERT W. GEE, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution,  05/25/08 GAZA CITY, GAZA STRIP — The fish are no longer safe to eat, beaches are empty, and an expanding sewage crisis in the … Continue reading

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Ethnic Displacement is Common

Perfection demanded only from little Israel By Chris Powell, Journal Inquirer, May 24, 2008 As much as the dislocations arising from Israel’s re-establishment obsess certain people today, they are tiny compared to dislocations that are hardly noticed anymore. Much of … Continue reading

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Science or Fairy Tale

The fairy tale evolution theory But really, isn’t it time we asked ourselves, deep down in our hearts, if we are being intellectually honest? By Tom Taylor, Roanoke Times, May 23, 2008 I propose a theory that at least some … Continue reading

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Dubai Goes Green

Editor-in-Chief of Gulf News Promotes Go Green Campaign Gulf News Editorial,  May 25, 2008, Dubai: The environmental damage inflicted by nations apparently costs the world $1.8 trillion (Dh6.61 trillion) each year. As we edge towards a global population of 7 … Continue reading

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Israeli Agriculture in India

A million olive trees to make Indian desert bloom for farmers See Also: Miracle in Israel’s Desert By Rhys Blakely The Times, May 22, 2008 The desert of Rajasthan in the north of India is to be planted with a … Continue reading

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Safer Childbirth

Israel’s Birmont aims to make childbirth safer By Karin Kloosterman, Israel 21C,  May 22, 2008 Despite advances in modern medicine, and sometimes even because of them, preventable disabilities such as cerebral palsy, a medical condition brought on by brain injury … Continue reading

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Relating to Obama

Obama And A Wary Jewish Establishment by Rabbi Yosef Blau, The Jewish Week, May 21, 2008 “Foresight should lead to establishing ties and making new friends. Barack Obama’s personality, record and policy proposals reflect a candidate with whom the Jewish … Continue reading

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Electricity From Photosynthesis

What’s green and makes electricity? An artificial leaf By Ofri Ilani, Haaretz Correspondent, May 20, 2008 Photosynthesis is nearly the sole source of energy for the creatures inhabiting our planet, include the two-legged variety. For billions of years, since the … Continue reading

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