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Tibet Claims Territory

Editor’s Note: While this article is not directly related to the Middle East, it is still very pertinent. See Also: Al-Quds Times (satire) Tibet’s Territory Claim Reaches Well Into China By JOSH GERSTEIN, STAFF REPORTER OF THE SUN | April … Continue reading

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Olive Oil Reduces Conflict

Olive oil brings Jews and Arabs together in cooperation By Stephanie L. Freid, Israel 21C, April 08, 2008 “Ben Gurion University and several NGO’s have joined forces with an initiative to support Palestinian olive oil producers so that they are … Continue reading

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Desalination Supports Desert City

Desalinated water grows a city in Israel’s desert By MARGARET COKER, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 04/06/08 Eilat, Israel — Old-timers in this arid city where the desert meets the Red Sea still recall a time when ice was a luxury and … Continue reading

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Irena Sendler, Righteous Gentile

(A true story)By: Gavriel Horan Published in honor of Yom Hashoa 5768 Source: Richard’s Creations See Also: Remember One 2003 Winner ofthe Jan Karski Awardof Valor and Courage~ IRENA SENDLER ~ “Irena Sendler turned ninety-seven in 2007. Mrs. Sendler, a … Continue reading

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Living Beyond the Conflict

Israel’s life beyond the headlines By John Temple, Rocky Mountain News, April 5, 2008 In this Israel, the streets of Jerusalem are mobbed with young and old, many in outlandish costumes, laughing and dancing, celebrating Purim, a holiday of revelry … Continue reading

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Palestinians Choose Destruction

Palestinians Continue to Think It’s 1948 by Asaf Romirowsky, Jewish Exponent, April 3, 2008 The Palestinian narrative sees Israel’s 1948 War of Independence as the al Naqba — “the catastrophe.” The birth of a sovereign Jewish state is perceived to … Continue reading

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Religion is Healthy

Religion is good for you New study proves what observant Jews have known all along – religious people are happier  Rabbi Levi Brackman, YNet News, April 4, 2008 We humans can be destructive to ourselves. Many people live unhealthy lifestyles … Continue reading

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Europeans Support Hate Language

Netherlands and Denmark fund terror glorification, hate language of Palestinian news agency By Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, PMW Bulletin, April 4, 2008  A Palestinian news agency that receives financial support from the governments of The Netherlands and Denmark glorifies … Continue reading

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