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Sabbath Terror in Sderot

A SABBATH UNDER FIRE IN SDEROT..AND ITS AFTERMATH. By Noam Bedein, February 10, 2008 On Saturday night the 9th of February, two brothers 19 and 8 year old, Rami and Osher Twito, borrowed their mother’s credit card to go to … Continue reading

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Israel Leads in Technology

Israeli upstarts follow money to Silicon Valley Posted by Stefanie Olsen, CNet News, Feb. 6, 2008 MOUNTAIN VIEW–Israel is brimming with technology upstarts that want what Silicon Valley has–venture money, partnerships, and a bridge to the rest of the world. … Continue reading

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Understanding Learning Disabilities

Learning Disability Diagnosis – Assessment and Diagnosis of Learning Disorders From Ann Logsdon,Your Guide to Learning Disabilities.FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now! Learning Disability Tests – Process for Diagnosing Learning Disabilities If your child shows signs of a learning disability, assessment … Continue reading

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Energy From Methane

If Life Gives You Methane, Make Methane Energy The global warming risk that’s also a great opportunity by Jeremy Jacquot, Discover, January 31, 2008 More than a trillion tons of methane lie trapped in permafrost and under frozen lakes in … Continue reading

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