Undercover With Neo-Nazis

Infiltrating Neo-Nazis in Israel

By Israel Zwick, CN Publications, October 30, 2007 

Written in commemoration of Kristalnacht

Author’s Note: The following story is the third in a series of episodes about Israeli intelligence agent, Mikhail Abramovitch. The series was inspired by the novels of Daniel Silva. The first article in the series was titled Prisoner Exchange and the second was titled Iran’s Biological Weapons. Both can be found on the website, www.cnpublications.net in the category “Zwick’s Picks.” Though the following story is fictitious, it is based on actual events and actual demographic data.

Time: Late summer, 2007, Petach Tikvah, Israel.

 Setting: A table in a bare room. There is one overhead light. Seven young Russian men, around age 20 are seated at the table. Mikhail, who is in his early 40’s, is seated near the head of the table. There is a bottle of Russian vodka, some glasses and a plate of pastry on the table. The young man at the head of the table begins to speak.

LEADER: Comrades, we are gathered here today to consider the application of a new member to our group, Mikhail Abramovitch. We will ask him questions, and then discuss whether we should admit him. I will ask first. Mikhail, with a name like “Abramovitch,” how can we know that you’re not one of them, another dirty zhid?

MIKHAIL: I am like many of you. My grandfather was Jewish, but my parents are Christian. After I completed my education in Mother Russia, I decided to take advantage of the Israeli Law of Return and came here for the economic opportunities, freedoms, warm weather, nice beaches, and women. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a big disappointment.

SERGEI: You mean you don’t like Jewish women?

MIKHAIL: No I can’t complain about the women here, there’s a large selection, in all colors, shapes, and sizes, and they’re easy to get.

FYODOR: So then what is there to complain about?

MIKHAIL: Everything else went awry. I came here with a Ph.D in Microbial Genetics from Moscow University and I couldn’t get a job here. None of the universities would take me because they said my studies in Russia were already outdated and I didn’t know enough Hebrew or English to go back to school. I was forced to take a menial job as a lab technician. All the good jobs go to those Jew swine. The garbage they give to the foreigners. I couldn’t make enough money so I started some black market trading with the Arabs.

VLADIMIR: How did you get involved with that?

MIKHAIL: When I was in the Russian army, I was stationed in Lebanon so I learned some Arabic, and how to smuggle luxury goods, like liquor, cigars, perfumes, and expensive suits, they love that stuff.

NIKOLAI: I thought the Arabs don’t drink liquor.

MIKHAIL: Some don’t, but there are enough that do to make it a lucrative business.

LEADER: So how come you couldn’t get a job with those rich Arabs?

MIKHAIL: Believe me, I tried, but they also like to stick with their own kind. Also, after the intifada started, their economy suffered and they only wanted military people.

LEADER: I thought you said you had military experience?

MIKHAIL: Yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to get killed by those Jew swine soldiers. I’m not going to fight for their cause.

LEADER: I’m not sure I understand you. So what do you want to do?

MIKHAIL: I want to go after those dirty zhids that are running the country and don’t give anyone else a chance. Everything is for the Jews: the jobs, the houses, the holidays, the songs, the names of the streets, it’s all for the Jews. They have everything and won’t acknowledge anyone else.

LEADER: So what’s your plan?

MIKHAIL: I want to follow the same plan the nationalists are following in Russia and the Muslims are doing in Europe. It’s been proven to be effective. First you harass them with taunts like “Heil Hitler” and “Dirty Zhid.” Then you do a little graffiti, rock throwing, and a few Molotov cocktails. Then you start getting physical, knock off their hats, trip them, give them a few bloody noses.

LEADER: So what’s that going to do for you, get you a job at the university?

MIKHAIL: It’s too late for that, but I want to change the country for our children. I think we have a good chance. This country already has one and half million Arabs, 300,000 non-Jewish Russians and tens of thousands non-Jewish immigrant laborers. So already 25% of the population is not Jewish. We don’t have far to go. If we can harass the Jews and make it difficult for them, our percentages will increase. The secular Jews from Haifa and Tel-Aviv will emigrate to a safe place like Germany. The Anglo Jews from North America will stop coming and more Arabs will move in. Before long, the country will be less than 50% Jewish. Then if they want to remain democratic they will have to acknowledge the rights of the non-Jewish population. They will have to change the flag, the anthem, the holidays, and the street names. They will have to provide equal opportunities to non-Jews for housing and employment. That’s when I get my revenge against those filthy swines who did this to me.

LEADER: Sounds good. One more thing puzzles me. According to the documents that you presented, you’re 42 years old, that’s about twice the age of the rest of us in this group. How do you think you’ll fit in?

MIKHAIL: I think we’ll make a great team. With my knowledge and experience and your youthful zest and determination, we can turn this country inside out.

LEADER: Does anyone else have questions for Mikhail? So, Mikhail can you please step outside for a few moments while we discuss this.

Mikhail steps outside then gets called back in.

LEADER: Welcome to the group, Comrade Mikhail, we look forward to working with you.

Play MP3, Paul Zim, Es Brent, It Is Burning

Es Brent by Mordechai Gebirtig

Es brent, briderlekh, es brent.
Undzer orem shtetl, nebekh, brent!
Beyze vintn irgazon,
Brekhn, brenen un tseblozn,
Un ir shteyt un kukt,
Azoy zikh, mit farleygte hent.
Oy, ir shteyt un kukt
Azoy zikh, vi undzer shtetl brent.

Es brent, briderlekh, es brent.
Undzer orem shtetl, nebekh, brent!
Es hobn shoyn di fayertsungen
Dos gantse shtetl ayngeshlungen.
Alts arum shoyn brent,
Un ir shteyt un kukt
Azoy zikh, vi undzer shtetl brent.

Es brent, briderlekh, es brent!!
Di hilf iz nor in aykh gevent,
Az dos shtetl iz aykh tayer,
Nemt di keylim, lesht dos fayer,
Lesht dos fayer mit eygn blut,
Shteyt nit brider
Ot azoy zikh mit farleygte hent.
Shtetyt nit brider
Lesht dos fayer, vayl undzer shtetl brent

Es Brent, English translation.

It is burning, brothers, it is burning.
Our poor little town, a pity, burns!
Furious winds blow,
Breaking, burning and scattering,
And you stand around
With folded arms.
O, you stand and look
While our town burns.

It is burning, brothers, it is burning
Our poor little town, a pity, burns.
The tongues of fire have already
Swallowed the entire town.
Everything surrounding it is burning,
And you stand around
While our town burns.

It is burning, brothers, it is burning!
You are the only source of help.
If you value your town,
Take up the tools to put out the fire,
Put out the fire with your own blood.
Don’t just stand there, brothers,
with your arms folded.
Don’t just stand there, brothers,
Put out the fire, because our town is burning.

Play MP3, Paul Zim, Es Brent, It Is Burning

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