Dealing With Bullies

Rockets on Sderot: Palestinian sympathizers have the solution

By Israel Zwick, CN Publications, May 29, 2007

“Joey, are you OK, you’ve been in the bathroom a long time,” shouted Mrs. Miller from the kitchen, “if you don’t come out soon, you’ll be late for school.” Joey comes out of the bathroom and timidly approaches his mother, “Mom, can I stay home from school today, it’s very cold today and it’s a long walk?”
“Joey, that’s what you said last week, and we went out and bought you the best coat, gloves, and boots. With the clothing that you have, you can march with the penguins.”
“Mommy, couldn’t I stay home today and study by myself, I would get all my work done,” pleaded Joey.
“Your teacher tells me that you’re so smart that you could become a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon, so why don’t you go off to school and make your mother proud!”
Joey reluctantly picked up his backpack and walked out the door.

As Joey approached his school, the dreaded event occurred. He was pummeled with a barrage of hard-packed snowballs coming from behind a parked car. As he dodged to avoid the onslaught, he slipped on a piece of ice and fell to the ground. He looked up and faced Tony, the class bully, holding a wad of snow.
“What have we got for a snack today? Turn it over if you don’t want a pile of snow down your neck,” demanded Tony. Joey reluctantly relinquished his pack of chocolate chip cookies. He knew exactly what Tony was going to say next because he heard it so many times before, “You better not tell the teacher or you’ll be walking home with a bloody nose.”

In the days of Mark Twain and Norman Rockwell, the class bully would have been pulled aside by his father or teacher and would have had trouble sitting in a chair for about a week. Not so with today’s modern psychology. The website of the UCLA School Mental Health Project has numerous articles and documents to help resolve problematic school situations. Several articles relate to dealing with the problem of school bullies. “Punishment and negative consequences are not the answer,” they say, “the schools need more supportive services with positive behavior support.”

So, Joey, the star pupil, who is shy and timid, will undergo evaluation for supportive services. Then he will be assigned to a guidance counselor who will pull him out of class twice per week to help him develop self-confidence and social skills for peer interactions.

However, the most attention and sympathy will be lavished on Tony, to address his aggressive behavior. The Administration for Children’s Services will send a caseworker to his home. The caseworker will discover that Tony lives with a single mother and her abusive boyfriend. Domestic turbulence and violence are common in the home. Disputes are resolved with physical altercations. Tony’s mother sleeps late so Tony goes off to school without breakfast or an afternoon snack.

The team at School Support Services gets right to work. Tony will be enrolled in the morning breakfast program and the afternoon academic assistance program. After school, Tony will get a snack, assistance with his homework, and some recreational time in the school gym. Tony will be invited to participate in the Saturday morning recreational program so he could learn proper sportsmanship in competitive sports. Tony might also be enrolled in a course in Character Development to learn verbal techniques for resolving disputes and to develop desirable personality traits. Eventually Tony will learn to become a productive, contributing member of the school society, instead of a problematic child. But first, Tony might learn that being a bully wasn’t so bad because it got him all of these special perks.

In a similar way, the Palestinian sympathizers know how to resolve the problem of the continuing rocket attacks from Gaza on the town of Sderot. After all, they’ve been reading the pop-psychology articles in the popular magazines at the supermarket checkout counter, so they know exactly the root causes for all the problems. The reason that the Palestinians are shooting rockets at Sderot is because of the frustration, anger, and desperation that they feel from “being denied an independent state for such a long time.” (Never mind that there are 5000 other ethnic groups in the world living as minority groups in 190 countries who don’t shoot rockets at their neighbors.) They are also frustrated, desperate, and angry because they are living in poverty and squalor but are receiving insufficient humanitarian aid. (Never mind that the millions of people who escaped from poverty did so through education, hard work, and commerce, not humanitarian aid.) They are also frustrated and angry because they can’t return to the “land of their grandfathers” which is now located in the State of Israel. (Never mind that they have 22 other countries to go to which share the same language, culture, and religion.) They are frustrated and angry because the issue of “Palestinian refugees” has not been resolved. (Never mind that during the last 60 years, many millions of refugees have been resettled and are no longer refugees.)

So the solution to the continuous barrage of rockets falling on Sderot is to relieve the frustration, desperation, and anger of the Palestinian people. This can only be accomplished if Israel continues to make more “concessions” to the Palestinians living in Gaza. First, Israel should supply more arms to support the moderate Mahmoud Abbas and his moderate Fatah Party. Simultaneously, Israel should allow for greater “freedom of movement” for the Palestinians living in Gaza. Then Israel should grant the “right of return” to the State of Israel will full citizenship and civil rights for all the Palestinian “refugees.” Then, when an independent state of Palestine is finally established on “all of the occupied Palestinian lands,” the launching of rockets at Sderot will finally stop. The Palestinians will then live in peace and harmony with each other, and with the few Jews who chose to remain in the new State of Palestine.

So before the Palestinian Arabs learn how to behave appropriately in civilized society, they will first learn how to make a mockery of Western democratic values and usurp them to their own advantage. They’ll continue to be society’s parasites and won’t hesitate to bite the hand that feeds them.

Then perhaps a good old-fashioned spanking would be a more effective intervention.

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  1. Sam C., says:

    Hamas needs to learn the same lesson that Hizbollah learned last summer, that violence doesn’t pay and will be met with severe consequences

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