Night of Violence

From Google News, Monday May 21, 2007

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More rockets hit southern Israel despite Olmert warning (1st Lead)
Monsters and – 1 hour ago
Gaza City – An Israeli airstrike on a Gaza City building block factory killed a 28-year-old civilian and injured at least three other people overnight, Palestinian medical officials said Monday.
Israel threatens to hit Hamas leadership Middle East Times
Four Qassams hit Negev; IDF troops on alert for kidnap bid Ha’aretz
ThreatsWatch.Org – Jerusalem Post – Belfast Telegraph – Chosun Ilbo
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Fighting in northern Lebanon enters second day
People’s Daily Online – 38 minutes ago
The fighting between the Lebanese troops and militants around a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon entered the second day on Monday, after the violence on the previous day left at least 48 people dead, Arabia TV reported.
Lebanon sees worst internal fighting in Toronto Star
39 Killed in Lebanese Violence ABC News
Houston Chronicle – – Times Online – ABC Online
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Roadside bomb kills three Iraqi soldiers in Baghdad
People’s Daily Online – 44 minutes ago
A roadside bomb went off near an Iraqi army patrol in western Baghdad on Monday, killing three soldiers and wounding two others, an Interior Ministry source said.
Attacks in Iraq Leave 7 Soldiers, 1 Interpreter Dead, Army Says Bloomberg
Roadside bomb kills 6 US soldiers in Iraq National Post
Boston Globe – Kansas City Star – New York Times – Reuters AlertNet
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US convoy likely target of bomber; 14 Afghans killed
Indianapolis Star – 2 hours ago
AP. GARDEZ, Afghanistan — A suicide bomber apparently targeting a US convoy killed 14 people and wounded 31 in a crowded eastern Afghan market Sunday, witnesses and officials said.
Afghan suicide bombing kills 14 Los Angeles Times
Afghanistan struck by second suicide bomb in two days Taipei Times
New York Times – International Herald Tribune – San Jose Mercury News
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For those who missed the weekend news:

Seven US soldiers killed in Iraq Sunday, 15 since Friday

DEBKAfile, May 21, 2007, 8:59 AM (GMT+02:00)

Thousands hunt missing soldiers

Six troops and an Iraqi translator were killed by a roadside bomb in W. Baghdad, a seventh in Diwaniya when their vehicle was hit by a bomb blast. The US military death toll in May has risen to 76. Top US Iraq Gen. David Petraeus believes at least two of three soldiers kidnapped by al Qaeda last Sat. May 12, are alive. They were abducted in an attack which left four US soldiers and an Iraqi dead.

The search parties detained 9 people in a raid Saturday in Amiriyah, a Sunni insurgent center west of Baghdad. Another two people were arrested as associates of the al Qaeda command network in Baqouba, capital of the northeaster Diyala province.

Armed men sweep through Kurdish villages in Kirkuk region of N. Iraq killing at least 25 Kurds and wounding many others

May 19, 2007, 5:35 PM (GMT+02:00)

DEBKAfile: Al Qaeda has begun focusing its terrorist attacks on Kurdistan. The killer squads, dressed in Iraqi police uniforms, attacked several villages in Mandali province of northeastern Kirkuk, Sat. May 19. After an earlier attack ten days ago, an al Qaeda-affiliated group said the “apostate peshmerga forces” were being punished for participation in “the Baghdad law enforcement plan” of the Safawi (the Shiite-led government in Baghdad).

(All of these thousands of stories identify one common enemy, see if you can figure it out!)

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One Response to Night of Violence

  1. GIZNY1 says:

    There is no common enemy.

    Fighting amongst clans has been prevalent throughout recorded history in all parts of the world from Asia to Europe and even in the Americas.

    Arabs, for all the boundaries created within 20th century, remain disunified. As such, there remain the same clannish struggles that were present for thousands of years – a sort of collective unconscious. It’s automatic. For even in Gaza, infigting among Palestinians grows daily.

    When you place western influences within an environment of ancient clan struggles, explosions beyond normal disonance is bound to appear. Be it the presence of Israel or the United States, among certain clans, the West remains a source of new infidels. West is not seen as a unifier or peacemaker. They are perceived as new outside clans, external forces corrupting the balances of internal struggles that span millennia.

    So, in the context of historical patterns, western influences are the antagonists in that region. United States should withdraw. Israel, unfortunately, is viewed as western among the Arabs. And Israel claims rights even though most of the 19th century and early 20th century settlers were Europeans. So it remains, as the Persians fought Sparta, modern arabs battle the west. And as american manifest destiny triumphed over Indians for how the west was won, the arabs aim is to make sure the west dosen’t win arabia.

    The philistines have grown in numbers. To them. westerners are the philistines of the past. Yet, the west relies on arabs and provides a significant economic resource to the arabs. Can the west leave the arabs alone? Should Israel surrender its historic claims to the region? It’s East vs West. Clans against clans. As it was 5000 years ago, it will be today.

    If there was no western influence, if there was no Israel, the arabs would continue to battle amongst themselves, asAfricans continue to do in Africa. The enemy is, after all, within the family members within the human race. The consummate struggles of Cain and Abel extended through generations. So as Jekyll saw Hyde, the enemy is ulimately our reflections in a mirror. Even G-d may realize that his Sim-Earth citizens will never cease struggling against themselves. We are our own enemy until everyone can raise our consciousness to another plane. Unfortunately, we must die to see if that elevation might happen. As long as death is the route to salvation, life remains cheap. The battles go on.

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