Jews, Go Away!

Jews Don’t Have Rights in Judea

By Israel Zwick,  CN Publications

“Jews, go away! You don’t belong here. Go live somewhere else.” One would expect statements like this to come from the most virulent antisemites: the white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, or Hamas and Hizbollah. But no, these statements didn’t come from the traditional Jew-haters. They came from other Jews – from Jews living in Israel, in Europe, and in the United States. Their names are well known among the “progressive intellectuals.” They include: Jacqueline Rose, Michael Neumann, Tony Judt, Noam Chomsky, Gideon Levy, Uri Avnery, and Amira Hass. Their comments were directed at those evil, sinister, vicious “Jewish religious fundamentalists” who had the chutzpah to want to live in the environs of Gaza, Hebron, and Jerusalem. Their crime was to establish residence in, or close to, ancestral Jewish lands, which are now occupied by a high density of Palestinian Arabs.

“Get out of there. You’re just causing more friction. You’re impeding the peace process. You’re endangering our soldiers. You’re causing an economic burden on all of us. You’re violating the human rights of the Palestinian people.” Those are the diatribes being thrown against small groups of Jewish families whose only offense was to live in lands replete with Jewish culture and history. They were young, ambitious, and idealistic. They wanted only to walk in the shadows of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, and the other Biblical heroes who serve as their role models. They wanted to build a life on small specks of land where they could wake up in the morning, gaze with wonder at the clear blue sky, and proclaim proudly, “Yesterday we were tormented and persecuted. Today we are free in our own land. This land is now ours, to develop, to nourish, and to cherish forever.”

Then came that dreaded week in August, 2005 – The Disengagement, or more aptly, The Expulsion. Up until the last moment, supporters of the Jewish communities in Gaza begged and pleaded with the government, “Please don’t do it. There’s no reason to evict small communities of peaceful, productive Jewish families. You can still rescind your decision.” But it was to no avail. The evictions were quickly concluded with the military precision that Israel is renowned for. The disengagement not only shattered the lives of 1700 innocent Jewish families, it shattered the belief that Jews had finally achieved the status of other ethnic groups, to be able to live anywhere in freedom and dignity, without persecution. But, that couldn’t be. The Jews had to leave so that the local Arabs could develop their economy, free of the “oppressive Israeli occupation.” Gaza was going to become the “Dubai of the Mediterranean.” Well, we know what happened to those plans.

Now that the precedent has been set, our group of Jewish “progressives” wants to repeat the process. “Why should a handful of Jews live in Hebron among 120,000 hostile Arabs? It only causes more religious friction. Why do Jews need to live near the Temple Mount? It’s a major center for Muslim worship. Why do we need East Jerusalem, it’s mostly Arab? Why do Jews need to live in the Judean Hills? It will only cause friction with the poor Palestinian olive growers.” One Jewish writer was even critical of the Jews who were buying Arab homes in the Old City for above-market prices. After all, it isn’t fair to the Arabs who can’t afford those prices. Ostensibly, it would be fairer if Jews wouldn’t be permitted to buy homes in Jerusalem’s Old City.

What if a small group of Black Hebrews from Dimona wanted to settle in Hebron, and were told that they didn’t have a right to live there? Would Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, and Ban Ki-moon,  say that they should be evicted?  What if the Jewish settlers from Judea got fed up with being tormented in Israel and bought a small parcel of land in Montana. Then the local ranchers told them, “We don’t want your kind here.” Would the “progressive” Jewish Americans support the ranchers and tell the Jews to live elsewhere to avoid causing friction? Most likely, the same Jews who are denying the rights of Jews to live in Hebron would support their right to live in Montana. Something similar to that actually happened in Billings, Montana in 1993. A small group of white supremacists were harassing and vandalizing the homes of Jews who displayed their Chanuka menorahs. This time, it was the Christians who came to the rescue by placing photos of menorahs in their windows to support their Jewish neighbors. Eventually, the hoodlums got the message that racism and bigotry are not welcome in Billings, Montana. Why aren’t Jews doing that? Perhaps all Jews should be wearing orange to support the Jews of Gaza, Hebron, and Judea. Then perhaps the Arabs will get the message that intolerance, hatred, and violence are not welcome anywhere in the Holy Land.

Today, there is a peaceful, isolated, orthodox Jewish community living near Glacier National Park where Jews have no historical connection. So why shouldn’t Jews be allowed to live in Hebron, Bethlehem, or even Iran? Because it might irritate the local Arabs who don’t want them there? Jews have at least as much right to live among Muslims, as Muslims have to live among Jews and Christians.

Before our small Jewish community tears itself apart with sinas chinom, baseless hatred towards our own community, we should recall the inspiring lyrics to the theme from the film Exodus. The words were written by a Gentile, Pat Boone, and recorded by the immortal Richard Tucker.

Play Exodus – Richard Tucker

This land is mine
G-d gave this land to me,
This brave and ancient land to me.
And when the morning sun
Reveals the hills and plain
Then I see a land where children can run free.

So take may hand
And walk this land with me
And walk this golden land with me.
Though I am just a man
When you are by my side,
With the help of G-d,
I know I can be strong.

To make this land our home,
If I must fight, I’ll fight
To make this land our own.
Until I die, this land is mine.

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3 Responses to Jews, Go Away!

  1. Sara, Denver says:

    These Jewish anti-semites are a bigger threat to Israel than Iran’s bombs. If they keep up their
    incitement against nationalistic Jews, we may all have to run to Montana. It’s not far from here, nice place.

  2. Isaac, NYC says:

    In a perfect world, all should be able to live wherever we choose.
    Hundreds of societies can lay claim to the area of Israel. It has been
    the site of wars for thousands of years. Now only 2 societies lay claim
    but only one, Israel, has worked it up and mobilized it as a thriving
    democracy where Jews, Arabs, and other nationalities work side by side.
    The other society has yet to hone up to its responsibility to building
    itself up to become a friendly neighbor. At this point, Israelis have a
    legitimate claim.

    In the USA, particularly New York, we find many ethnic communities
    contributing to commerce and culture living cooperatively with one

    That said, with statistics of divorce, wars, and inhumanity around the
    world, people continue to be as divisive as they strive for being
    together. Divisiveness seems to win. It’s an eternal struggle.

  3. gizny1 says:

    There have been many instances, long lapses of time, when Jews in Judaea were almost non-existent. “This land is mine” is a fallacy. We merely rent land – territories. What is one’s own manifests itself through continuous maintenance and struggle against human threats and natural disasters. Empires have come and gone. Boundaries have been revised throuout history. In the 19th century, Jews in Germany and Austria shared ownership with others, only to have leases revoked in the mid 20th century. No, the concept of “mine” is a delusion of reality, current only in one’s brief span of life on Earth. Yet “mine” exists so long as we realize it’s not “theirs” either.

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