Palestinians in Iraq

Jordan urges Iraq to protect Palestinian refugees

Petra, Jordan News Agency, January 22, 2007
Cairo, Jan. 22 (Petra)– Jordan emphasized the need for Iraq to protect Palestinian refugees on its territory, preserve their lives and property and ensure their safety.

” What our Palestinian brothers in Iraq are facing comes as an addition to what other Palestinians’ anguish and suffering under Israeli merciless occupation and torture,” said Director General of the Palestinian Affairs Department Wajih Azaizeh, in a speech he delivered at the 77th session of the Supervisors of Palestinian Refugees Affairs, which opened Monday at the Arab League Headquarters.

Azaizeh, who is heading Jordan’s delegation to the meeting stressed the necessity to resolve all aspects of the Palestinian problem including the refugee issue.’

He said the problem of Palestinian refugees, is a central issue for the Jordanian government since Jordan hosts the largest number of Palestinian refugees. As such the government is keen on safeguarding their rights in accordance with international resolutions and in particular the UN resolution 94, Azaizeh added.

He said in order to secure the best available services to refugees the government endures a total cost US$485 million a year. Besides, the Jordanian government gives special attention to refugee camps in terms of improving their living conditions and implementing infrastructure projects in their camps.

Azaizeh reaffirmed remarks in a document, issued by the host counries on 18 June and and stressed the role of UNRWA which symbolizes the ordeal of the refugees and remains an element of stability in the region.
Jordan affirmed in all international forums the importance of resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict peacefully through the relaunch of the peace process in the Middle East in light of the road map which wipe on the establishment of a viable and independent Palestinian state.

He added that Jordanian diplomacy succeeded in placing the Palestinian issue on top of the agenda of world diplomacy through the American-Jordanian summit, which was held in Amman between His Majesty King Abdullah II and US President George Bush last November.


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