Terrorist Smuggles Diamonds

Bagged in Belgium

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Editor’s Note: The following story is fictitious. It is presented to stimulate thought and discussion.

Since Hamas took control of the Palestinian Terrorist Authority (PTA), it has become increasingly difficult for them to get the cash needed to finance their terrorist operations in the Gaza Strip. So they learned from the Muslim conflicts in Africa that it’s easier to smuggle diamonds than cash. Consequently, one of the Hamas terrorist leaders went on a journey to collect diamonds from Hamas supporters in various countries. As he completed his collection in Antwerp, Belgium, he called a private limousine to take him to the airport. When he entered the limo, he was greeted by two Israeli Mossad agents pointing their guns at him. They made him an offer,” Give us the diamonds and tell us where you got them, and we’ll let you go free. Otherwise, we’ll arrange for you to meet your 72 virgins.” The terrorist wisely chose the first option. He gave the diamonds to the Mossad agents and told them, “One-quarter of the diamonds came from Saudi Arabia, one-third of the diamonds came from Iran, one-sixth of the diamonds came from France, one-twelfth came from Norway, and the last 22 diamonds I picked up here in Belgium. How many diamonds did the terrorist give to the Mossad agents?

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Solution: Let X equal the total number of diamonds.

So X/4 + X/3 + X/6 + X/12 + 22 = X

Multiply each side of the equation by 12 and you get

3X + 4X +2X + X + 264 = 12X

10X + 264 = 12X

2X = 264

X= 132. The total number of diamonds was 132.

33 came from Saudi Arabia, 44 came from Iran, 22 came from France, 11 came from Norway, 22 came from Belgium.

After the Mossad agents freed the terrorist, he continued traveling to collect more diamonds. When he tried to smuggle the diamonds into the Gaza Strip at the Rafi Crossing, he was greeted by Shin Bet agents. This time, the terrorist wasn’t so cooperative. He pulled out a firearm but was quickly shot and killed by the Israeli agents as he tried to escape. It is not known whether he met his 72 virgins.

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