Shin Bet Seeks Jihad Leader

Editor’s Note: The following story is fictitious, it is presented as a mental exercise for amusement only.

Five Israeli Shin Bet agents were assigned to a search and arrest mission to find an Islamic Jihad leader.  The five agents were Avi, Baruch, Chaim, Dov, and Eitan. Their main problem was that this terrorist leader was known to change his location frequently.  So they had to search each possible location without giving him a chance to escape. So each agent boarded a separate Israeli APC and all five vehicles set out together to search the locations.

1. Avi, Boruch, and Chaim together covered 9 km between them.

2. Dov, Eitan, and Boruch together covered 16 km.

3. Dov. Avi. and Boruch, together traveled 12 km.

4. Chaim and Dov together traveled 7km.

From this information, determine how many kilometers Dov traveled in his APC.

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 From 1 and 3, we can determine that Dov traveled 3 km more than Chaim.

Then from 4, we can determine that Chaim traveled 2 km and Dov traveled 5 km for a total of 7 km. 

 So Dov traveled 5 km.

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  1. Dave, Bklyn says:

    Only the Israelis would take such risks to capture a terrorist leader. The US would have probably bombed all the homes regardless of civilian casualties.

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