Israel Air Force to Get Bronze Monument

    America’s Warbird Sculptor, Robert Henderson, continues to record aviation history.  Only now, he has embarked upon chronicling, in bronze, the stunning feats of the Israeli Air Force. 
     The IAF Monument will serve to commemorate the role that was brilliantly played in defining and defending the State of Israel.  Suggestions abound from WWII aviators, both Jewish and Gentile, as to where this bronze should be placed.  “Where” may be in question but “Why” is not!
     “This history must never be forgotten,” remarks Henderson.  “World Jewry has much to thank the Israeli Air Force for.  Many innovations designed by those men and women are seen in today’s airplanes.  To do their monument is a great privilege.”
     Henderson can be reached through his website at:
     Private individuals are buzzing about the proposed Israeli Air Force Monument.  The general consensus is that it MUST be done and be dedicated for the 60th anniversary of the Israeli Air Force in 2007.
     Now, what is needed is for the emotional support to be translated into financial support.  The proposed monumental bronze could depict three, approximately 1/3rd scale, airplanes (the P51, Spitfire, F4) spiralling upwards. 
     The sculptor has designed the piece.  A preview can be seen, virtually, on   Continue buzzing to corporate friends so that funding will assure success of this NECESSARY monument. 
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