Searching for Iran’s WMD

Iran’s Biological Warfare Program

By Israel Zwick, CN Publications

Authors Note:
The following is the second installment in the adventures of Israeli intelligent agent, Mikhail Abramovitch. The first story was titled “Prisoner Exchange and can be found at:

In this episode, Mikhail’s identity is discovered and he has to flee the country. While the story is fictitious to maintain reader interest, the data presented is all real, documented, and very alarming. While the world is concerned about Iran’s nuclear threat, the Iranians may already have the ability to cause massive casualties.

Mikhail: Yuval, I got here as quickly as I could. What’s the emergency?

Yuval: Mikhail, we’re going to have to change your assignment. Your plane leaves in two hours.

Mikhail: But I was just beginning to get some great information. Why now?

Yuval: I know. Your information has been very valuable. But you know those Palestinian officials who have been buying your Armani suits and French perfumes?

One of them found out that you’re working for us and they have already assigned their best assassination team to get you. You probably know them. Some of them were released with the last prisoner exchange.
Mikhail: I though that Sharon said that he wasn’t going to release any prisoners with blood on their hands. More…

Yuval: I’m truly sorry that you can’t complain to Sharon, but we had no choice. Those guys are pros, they don’t leave their business cards at a job. We had no evidence to hold them and were under pressure to release prisoners. But we’re keeping an eye on them, if they get out of line, we’ll arrange a “work accident” for them.

Mikhail: But what about my family? Those guys don’t hesitate to kill women and kids.

Yuval: Don’t worry. We thought about that already. We sent two agents to pick up your kids from school and bring them home. Your house is surrounded by a dozen Golani troops and there’s a helicopter gunship patrolling above. They’re safe.

Mikhail: So what’s the plan?

Yuval: You and your family will board an APC waiting in front of your house. You’ll join a 10-vehicle convoy, which will act as a decoy. The convoy will be escorted by two helicopter gun ships with orders to shoot at anything that acts suspicious. When the convoy breaks up, your APC will take you and your family to our private jet. The jet will take you to Budapest. From then on, you’ll be working for Mossad.

Mikhail: Why Budapest?

Yuval: Mossad runs a document center there. It’s operated by a woman who used to work for Wallenberg.

Mikhail: Wallenberg? That was 60 years ago. She must be 100 years old!

Yuval: Not quite, but you’re not that far off. She’s still sharp as a whistle. We wish we had more like her. She runs the operation out of an old second-hand bookstore. While you’re browsing through the books, she’ll prepare all the documents you need. Don’t worry about the janitor, that’s her bodyguard – one of Mossad’s best. When you have your documents, you’ll be briefed, then taken to a Russian plane going to Tehran. Your family will be safe and comfortable in Budapest.

Mikhail: Why Tehran? What kind of place is that for a nice Jewish boy?

Yuval: We have good evidence that the Iranians have an advanced Biological Weapons Program, which was started by the Russians, but the Russians are cooperating with us now. The Iranians are hiring hundreds of microbiology technicians so the Russians approached us, and we recommended you. This is right up your alley, you have a PhD in microbial genetics.

Mikhail: What kind of evidence do you have?

Yuval: On May 15, 2003, Mossad agents intercepted a meeting at the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC. ( The meeting was between Alireza Jafarzadeh and Soona Samsami of the National Council of the Resistance of Iran (NCRI). They outlined all the details of the Iranian Biological Weapons Program including locations and names of officers in charge. They said that Iran is producing anthrax, aflatoxin, smallpox virus, plague microbes, and chloromicrobes. According to Jafarzedah, “The Iranian regime is capable of delivering deadly blows and inflicting massive casualties, human casualties.”

Mikhail: Do you have any evidence to support those claims?

Yuval: On April 4, 2004, Mossad agents intercepted a Defense Update News Commentary ( which detailed the entire Iranian Biological Weapons Program. It included nine pages of names, locations, and details. We believe that their capability is even greater today. John Bolton also mentioned it in testimony to the UN.

Mikhail: Well if you have all of that information, then what do you need me for? I would rather visit my family in Brighton Beach than go to Tehran.

Yuval: Don’t be such a wise guy! You do a good job in Tehran and we’ll send you to a nicer beach in Hawaii. We need you to confirm the data. Most of the information was supplied by the National Council of Resistance of Iran in 2003. We don’t know how reliable that information is. The CIA couldn’t confirm it, but they verified other reports from NCRI. So we need you to get inside and tell us what’s going on. You’re ready?

Mikhail: Actually, I was planning to take my wife to see the new Spielberg movie tonight. I heard it’s very intriguing.

Yuval: I’d love to chat with you some more but we’re on a tight schedule. Your pilot is waiting to take off at 17:00 hours sharp and it costs a lot of money to keep those helicopters in the air. Hatzlacha Rabbah, L’shona Haba B’Hawaii.

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