BDS wants to destroy Israel

Israel “boycott, divestment and sanctions” movement comes to Denver

Founder Omar Bargouti’s recent call for dismantling the entire Jewish homeland in Israel makes plain that the boycott movement’s vision for the Jews of Israel is not a two-state solution or even the one-state solution — but rather a no-state solution.


By David M. Rosen  Posted:   11/17/2015

When the 11,000-member American Anthropological Association holds its meetings in Denver this week, the sole issue before its annual business meeting will be whether the largest association of anthropologists in the world will join the Palestinian-based “boycott, divestment and sanctions” movement and boycott their colleagues in Israel. Should the association vote for a boycott, it will mark its final transformation from a professional scientific organization into a radical NGO.

This transformation of anthropology has been coming for some time. For years, boycott, divestment and sanctions activists within the association have used the classroom as a platform for their politics. At last year’s annual meeting of anthropologists in Washington, D.C., numerous so called “scholarly sessions” served solely as pro-boycott rallies where activists bragged about the politicization of the classroom and research. One anthropologist declared that “teaching is my politics” while another proclaimed scholarly objectivity to be part of the “Zionist agenda.”

But why is the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement relentlessly pursuing Israeli anthropologists? After all, Israeli anthropologists, on the whole, are politically liberal, tolerant, and opposed to the politics of occupation as pursued by the current right-wing government of Israel. They would ordinarily be natural allies of any anthropologists interested in finding fair and just solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The answer is quite simple: this movement is not interested in such solutions.

As the movement has grown stronger, it has become significantly more strident. Founder Omar Bargouti’s recent call for dismantling the entire Jewish homeland in Israel makes plain that the boycott movement’s vision for the Jews of Israel is not a two-state solution or even the one-state solution — but rather a no-state solution. The movement is now engaged in a radical anti-normalization campaign designed to shut down debate and communications surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and drive out the voices of dialogue and moderation.

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Responding to international terrorism

Global Response Needed Against International Terrorism

Reprinted from Daily Alert, November 17, 2015

Pressure Grows for Global Response Against Islamic State after Paris Attacks – Carol E. Lee
World leaders on Monday pledged to seize on the Paris attacks to deepen their involvement in a global campaign against the growing threat of Islamic State. French President Francois Hollande proposed an alliance with Russia and the U.S. to combat the extremists.
    However, the extent of the new effort depends on how many more military resources, such as troops, world leaders are willing to commit. President Obama ruled out large-scale U.S. deployments. French and U.S. officials also said both countries oppose NATO’s involvement in the Syria war, arguing that the current U.S.-led coalition is a better mechanism for prosecuting the war. (Wall Street Journal)

  • The World Can’t Choose Which Terrorists It Gets to Support – Moshe Arens
    With all current attention focused on the terror acts committed by ISIS in Paris last Friday, ISIS is not the only terrorist organization engaged in killing innocent civilians. There are not good terrorists and bad terrorists – all terrorists are bad, there is no excuse for terrorism, and all terrorist organizations need to be fought tooth and nail.
        The entire world has condemned the acts of terror committed in Paris. Is there a reason why nobody outside Israel has condemned the murder of Rabbi Litman and his son [on Friday]? The terrorist organizations that direct their activities primarily against Israelis or Jewish targets outside Israel seem to be granted a certain amount of license for their activities by many in the world. The writer served as Israel’s Minister of Defense three times and once as Minister of Foreign Affairs. (Ha’aretz)
  • Paris: The New Normal? – Walter Russell Mead
    Regardless of what kind of response the West ultimately launches, military efforts in the wake of the Paris attacks will not spell an end to terrorism. Nothing we do after Paris is going to make the jihad go away. We can (and we should) crush ISIS. But we can’t change the reality that jihadi ideology is alive and well, feeding off the discontent and disempowerment felt so widely in the Islamic world.
        To survive and to thrive, the West will have to become more like Israel: guarding ourselves constantly against a threat that can’t be eliminated. Paris simply reminds us that, like the Israelis, we live in a dangerous world. The peace and security of the Western world all depend on the vigilance of our security forces and the competence of their leaders. (American Interest)
  • The Islamist Tantrum – Bret Stephens
    Before Friday’s carnage in Paris, the world was treated to the hideous spectacle of Palestinians knifing Jews in Israel. The supposed motive of these stabbings was a rumor among Palestinians – fanned by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas – that the Israeli government intended to allow Jews to pray on the Temple Mount. This was a story the Israeli government adamantly denied and every serious person knew was false. Yet no senior Western leader dared call out Abbas to correct the record. Palestinian tantrums are sanctified tantrums. The violence they breed might be condemned, but the narrative on which they rest has the status of holy writ. (Wall Street Journal)
  • The Same Fight Against Radical Islam – Judith Bergman
    Most mainstream media outlets, which usually avoid any mention of the word “terrorism” with regard to terrorist attacks in Israel, found no difficulty in calling the Paris attacks by their rightful name. Agence France Presse published a list of worldwide terror attacks since 9/11. Only one country was completely missing from the list: Israel. The world embraces France with sympathy and solidarity and declarations that this terrorism must be fought hard, even with the same kind of retaliatory airstrikes that the world so intensely deplores when Israel conducts them.
        As Israelis and human beings, we also show solidarity with the French. We only wish this solidarity was truly universal and not something reserved only for Western Europeans or Americans. Israel suffers abuse for daring to defend itself against terrorism, with everyone voicing their opinions on how Israel must “show restraint.” Israel and the rest of the West are fighting the same enemy – radical Islam. Failure to acknowledge this undermines the West’s own fight against it. (Israel Hayom)

Israel Has Always Been on the Side of the Free World in the War Against Terrorism – Tzipi Livni (Jerusalem Post)

  • We must understand that the attacks in Paris will not be the last attacks. Those who seek to impose radical Islamist religion by force will not be satisfied until they are victorious; we must stop them.
  • Those who believe that these issues begin and end with the situation in Syria must understand that the struggle is about the future of the entire world. Therefore, limited solutions will not help, certainly not in the long term.
  • Now is the time to move from defense to massive offense with one clear goal: to uproot the perpetrators of terrorism at their source and eliminate them. This is the directive that international powers must adopt.
  • This is a war that the world never wanted to wage, but it must wage it now. Israel is a natural partner in this fight; our country has always been on the side of the free world in the war against terrorism.
    The writer is the co-leader of the Zionist Union party and a former Israeli foreign minister.
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Progress of human evolution

Synopsis of current evolutionary theory: The progress of human evolution.  Fact or fiction?

In a small enclave on the eastern coast of the  Mediterranean Sea, a small group of maverick Homo sapiens refuses to engage in a program of self-destruction, and continues to thrive, prosper, and flourish.

By Israel Zwick, November 16, 2015

Most scientists are still puzzled about how life originated on Earth, and then evolved into the complexity and diversity of life that we see today.  They have no idea of how the first self-replicating molecules appeared on Earth so the theory of “panspermia” is becoming more acceptable.  That is, Earth was probably “seeded” by nucleic acids from some other celestial body.  Many reputable scientists believe that microbes from Mars, Europa, or some other celestial body traveled through space on some cosmic debris, survived the lengthy trip in space, survived cosmic radiation, survived the impact on Earth, then flourished and thrived in the Earth’s environment about 4 billion years ago. (It should be noted that medical waste is sterilized in an autoclave at 121 degrees Celsius, 100 kPa, for 15 minutes.)  Microbial life kept evolving for a few billion years.  Then  about 500 million years ago, the Earth’s oceans had many different fish and aquatic organisms (Cambrian Explosion), which evolved from the early microbes.

The fish kept evolving from aquatic life to terrestrial life so that reptiles started roaming the Earth about 300 million years ago (mya).  About 200 mya, the Earth began to be dominated by large reptiles collectively known as dinosaurs.  About the same time, small mammals began to appear.  How the mammals evolved with internal development, we don’t really know because it involves soft tissue which doesn’t fossilize. About the same time, some of the little dinosaurs, called theropods,  started evolving into birds that fly, migrate, and build complex nests.

When the dinosaurs died out about 65 mya, the little mammals started evolving more rapidly. About 50 mya  there were already lots of different mammals including some primitive monkeys. About 4 mya some bipedal hominids appeared.  It took these hominids about 2 million years to figure out how to make tools and fire, then they really took off. In another million years, the early hominids evolved into the genus Homo. In the last 50,000 years, the species Homo sapiens, with its superior intelligence, began to dominate the Earth.

About 100 years ago, this species learned how to develop destructive weapons and industrial chemicals that rapidly altered the hospitable environment that allowed them to evolve and flourish for so many years.  The species was so successful that it embarked on a program of self-destruction to prevent population overgrowth.  In many areas of the Earth, on several continents, Homo sapiens are skillfully destroying their own species to prevent population overgrowth and save the species from eventual extinction and further evolution.

Yet, in a small enclave on the eastern coast of the  Mediterranean Sea, a small group of maverick Homo sapiens refuses to engage in a program of self-destruction, and continues to thrive, prosper, and flourish.  They even provide a safe haven for other Homo sapiens who are trying to escape destruction by members of their species.  As such, they are being condemned, vilified, and demonized by Homo sapiens around the world for refusing to participate in a program of self destruction. This maverick group is even attempting to preserve a culture and heritage that is over 3,000 years old.  They insist on interfering with evolutionary progress.  Fortunately, there are wiser and more intelligent Homo sapiens on other continents that are trying to stop this maverick, obstinate group from interfering with evolutionary progress.

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Roman mosaic found in Israel

Israel unveils Roman-era mosaic found during construction

By Ellie Zolfagharifard For

  • Found while building a visitors’ center meant to display another mosaic
  • Mosaic measures 36ft by 42ft and once paved the courtyard of a villa
  • Scenes portrayed on floor include hunting animals, fish, vases and birds

Published: 12:59 GMT, 16 November 2015

Archaeologists have today unveiled a 1,700-year-old Roman-era mosaic in Israel.

For photos please see original article published here:

The intricate floor was found last year while building a visitors’ center meant to display another mosaic, discovered two decades earlier at the same location.

The new mosaic measures 36ft by 42ft (11 meters by 13 meters) and paved the courtyard of a villa in an affluent neighborhood that stood during the Roman and Byzantine eras. 

Scroll down for video 

Israel has, for the first time, presented to the public an ‘impressive’ mosaic accidentally discovered in what was a wealthy neighbourhood in Roman and Byzantine times. The colourful mosaic discovered in Lod in central Israel is believed to have been the courtyard pavement of a ‘magnificent villa’

The scenes portrayed include hunting animals, fish, vases and birds.

Israel’s antiquities authority called the first mosaic ‘breathtaking’ and ‘among the most beautiful’ in Israel.

‘The quality of the images portrayed in the mosaic indicates a highly developed artistic ability,’ said Amir Gorzalczany, who directed the excavation.

The new mosaic was found just a few meters from the first one, in what is today the central Israeli city of Lod.

The scenes portrayed on the remarkably well preserved floor include hunting animals, fish, vases and birds

An employee of Israel’s antiquities authority works on a 1,700-year-old Roman-era mosaic floor in Lod, Israel

The authority said the mosaic discovered in the 1990s covered the villa’s living room while the newly discovered one was in its courtyard.

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EU is biased against Israel


In the midst of a new wave of Palestinian terror, the EU seeks to punish Israel while taking no action against Palestinians inciting and perpetrating murder.


By Marco Rubio – November 10, 2015

The European Union is poised to make a significant mistake this week – one that will harm its relations with the United States, politicize international trade, undermine economic cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians, and reward Palestinians who reject peace with Israel.

The EU will reportedly release a new trade rule that singles out Israel – and only Israel – for discriminatory treatment. The rule requires products sold in Europe and produced in what the EU considers “Israeli-occupied territories” to be specially labeled. The labels are intended to encourage Europeans to boycott Israeli products, and to stoke European animosity toward Israel – which is already at disturbingly high levels. There are more than 200 disputed territories worldwide and yet European leaders have chosen to single out only the Jewish state for this economic sanction.

The rule is grossly unjust. It makes a mockery of the EU’s claimed commitment to international law. It punishes Israel for Palestinian leaders’ repeated rejection of statehood offers and for their ongoing refusal to negotiate. In the midst of a new wave of Palestinian terror, the EU seeks to punish Israel while taking no action against Palestinians inciting and perpetrating murder. 

To illustrate the absurdity of this policy, produce grown in the hills outside Jerusalem will be specially labeled, but not produce grown in Gaza, which is controlled by a U.S.- and EU-designated terrorist organization.  Remarkably, the EU’s labels will even apply to the Golan Heights, captured from Syria in a defensive war in 1967. 

And while the EU is rewarding Palestinians who refuse to make peace, the Palestinians who will face the most harm from the labeling rule are those who work cooperatively with Israelis. One of the only lasting achievements of the peace process is the creation of a single economic unit, including a customs union, of Israeli and Palestinian Authority-controlled areas. This free trade and economic cooperation improves lives and gives Palestinians a stake in maintaining peace – but the EU will now deliberately punish this cooperation, and the people who will be hurt the most are Palestinian workers, not Israelis.

Unsurprisingly, the Obama administration has chosen not to oppose the EU’s labeling rule. But future administrations should vigorously oppose it through legal challenges to this politically motivated barrier to trade. This should also be treated as a significant problem in U.S.-EU relations.

But it doesn’t have to come to that: The EU can come to its senses and choose not to go down this road.

Today, I urge European leaders to pause and consider the gravity of what they are about to do, and to reconsider their decision to single out Israel for discrimination.

-Marco Rubio represents Florida in the U.S. Senate and is seeking the Republican presidential nomination.

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Arabs not interested in peace with Israel

Palestinian State of Denial

You do not make peace with enemies. You make peace with former enemies—either because you have defeated them, as we defeated the Axis Powers in World War II; or because they collapse, as the Soviet Union did after the fall of the Berlin Wall; or because they have defeated you and you’re able to come to terms with the outcome from a safe distance.

Bret Stephens

Nov. 9, 2015 7:36 p.m. ET

In the history of political clichés, has there ever been one quite so misjudged as the line—some version of which is attributed either to Israel’s martyred Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin or fabled Defense Minister Moshe Dayan—that “you make peace with your enemies, not with your friends”?

OK, “give peace a chance” and “nation building at home” are worse. But the Rabin-Dayan line is an expression of the higher mindlessness that passes for wisdom among people who think they are smart. After Monday’s make-nice session between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it’s time for a reconsideration.

To wit: You do not make peace with enemies. You make peace with former enemies—either because you have defeated them, as we defeated the Axis Powers in World War II; or because they collapse, as the Soviet Union did after the fall of the Berlin Wall; or because they have defeated you and you’re able to come to terms with the outcome from a safe distance. Witness Vietnam.

On rare precious occasions, both sides realize their interests are best served through a negotiated settlement they’re prepared to honor. That was the miracle of 1977, when Egypt’s Anwar Sadat flew to Israel to show he sincerely accepted the Jewish state’s right to exist. He paid for the gesture with his life.

Enemies, however, do not make peace. They may desist from open combat, as Pakistan and India have, even as Islamabad continues to support anti-Indian terrorist proxies. They may arrange a long-term armistice of the kind South Korea has with the North. But that’s a peace preserved by 700,000 active-duty South Korean and U.S. troops, plus a million land mines in the DMZ.

For the past 22 years—ever since Rabin signed the Oslo Accord with the PLO’s Yasser Arafat—Israel has been trying to achieve something historically unprecedented: To make peace with an enemy that shows no interest in becoming an ex-enemy.

Daniel Polisar, an Israeli political scientist, recently published a fascinating study in Mosaic magazine of Palestinian public opinion based on 330 polls conducted over many years. It makes for some bracing reading.

“When asked hypothetically if Israel’s use of chemical or biological weapons against Palestinians would constitute terror, 93 percent said yes,” notes Mr. Polisar. “But when the identical question was posed regarding the use of such weapons of mass destruction by Palestinians against Israelis, only 25 percent responded affirmatively.”

Other details: A 2011 poll found that 61% of Palestinians thought it was morally right to name Palestinian streets after suicide bombers. In December 2014, 78% of Palestinians expressed support for “attempts to stab or run over Israelis” in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Only 20% were opposed. Palestinians have also consistently supported terrorist attacks against Israelis within Israel’s original borders, “often by as much as six to one.”

Palestinians routinely blame Israel for problems over which it has no control, such as the bloody 2007 coup through which Hamas wrested power from Fatah in the Gaza Strip. Ninety-four percent of Palestinians report a “very unfavorable” opinion of Jews. A majority of Palestinians believe Israel will “destroy the al-Aqsa and Dome of the Rock mosques and build a synagogue in their place.” Continue reading

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Palestinian Arabs must recognize Jewish state

PM Netanyahu’s Address to the Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly

The unity of the Jewish people is important at all times, but especially at this time. It’s especially important when the assault on the Jews is not confined to the Middle East, because as Michael said correctly there is a wave of anti-Semitism that is raging across Europe, but it goes beyond there to other continents as well.

November 10, 2015

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Remarks at the GA

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m delighted to be here today with you, the leaders of Jewish communities across North America. You work tirelessly to strengthen Jewish identity and you work tirelessly to support the State of Israel. You are Israel’s partners, you are my partners in building the Jewish future.  

Now, this past year has not been simple. Great issues were debated. Passions ran high and the stakes were even higher. But we must always remember two simple truths. The first one is that no matter what disagreements there are between Israel and the United States, Israel has no better friend than America and America has no better friend than Israel. Here’s the second truth: No matter what disagreements there have been within the Jewish community, maintaining the unity of our people is of paramount importance. There is only one Jewish people. There is only one Jewish state. And now, more than ever, we must work together to unite the Jewish people and secure the Jewish state. 

Israel is a state of amazing, amazing successes. If we were in the South, I would say amazing grace. I’m saying it here too – amazing success, amazing grace. You know all about the start-up nation. You know that Israel is a global epicenter of innovation, of ingenuity – a leader in water technology, in agritech, in medicine, in science, in cyber.

I want to give you two numbers. First on water: We had twice the rainfall in 1948, the year of Israel’s founding and one-tenth the population. So in 67 years, the water supply has gone down by half from rainfall, roughly half, and the population has grown ten times. Our GDP per capita has grown 40 times, and with it goes water usage. So we had to have a big water problem, but we don’t. We have a water surplus. Israel leads the world by far in the recycling of waste water and in so many other technologies related to water. And people are coming to us and they say: Teach us. Or la’goyim. Teach us. Teach us what you’ve done for yourself. We can do it in Asia, in Africa, in Latin America. Every week somebody else comes and says teach us how to get water out of the stone.

So here’s another little factoid. Is that how you call it, factoid? Factum? Fact. Okay, here’s another fact. In 2014 Israel was receiving 10% of the global investment in cyber security. That’s an extraordinary number given that we are… It’s about 100 times our size in the relative population of the world. In 2015 that number has changed. It grew from 10% to 20%. It doubled in one year, one year.  So in cyber, Israel is punching 200 times above its weight. That’s an extraordinary figure.

In cyber, in water and in many, many other fields of Israeli technology, our economy continues its remarkable ascent. In 1948, Israel had roughly the same GDP per capita as our neighbors. Today Israel’s GDP per capita has surpassed the European average and according to three of the four indices that I looked at before I came here, it surpassed that of Japan. And as our economy has grown, so has the reach of Israeli exports. Today Israel is dramatically increasing trade with India and China. I point that out because they’re two small countries, and together with our small country, we encompass about a third of the population of the world, which is another factoid you can file away. The combination of new innovations, really new products and services, and new markets, is propelling Israel’s economy to ever greater and greater heights.

That’s important because, you see, while we have tremendous opportunity, we also have one or two challenges. I think you’ve heard about them. We have to pay for defense. Defense is very, very expensive. In fact, it gets more and more expensive all the time, so the principal way by which we pay for our defenses is by growing our economy. And the other, I have to say, is the generous support that we are getting from the United States of America, and yesterday I had a wonderful discussion with President Obama how to secure that assistance for the coming decade. Thank you America and thank you President Obama.

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Munich promotes BDS

Munich marks this Kristallnacht by making room for boycotters of the Jewish State

November 10, 2015

“The BDS campaign disguises the socially unacceptable ’Don’t buy from Jews!’ as a modernized form of Nazi jargon by demanding ‘Don’t buy from the Jewish State’”

— Charlotte Knobloch, Holocaust survivor & Munich Jewish community leader

The worldwide Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement is the twenty-first century’s highest profile anti-Israel global campaign that meets the “three D” (Double standard, Deligitimization, and Demonization) litmus test for crossing the line between legitimate criticism of the Jewish state and toxic anti-Semitism: Never designed to help a single Palestinian, BDS singles out Israel exclusively for criticism, ignoring the major human rights abusers around the world, while distorting the Jewish state’s actions to defend herself from terrorist attacks by means of false and malicious comparisons with Nazi Germany and South Africa’s Apartheid regime.

So it is almost beyond belief that the city government of Munich is allowing a BDS event to be held in the Gasteig Building (pictured), a tax-payer funded city building, as part of Munich’s “cultural program.” German Jews are especially appalled by the effrontery that such an event would be scheduled on November 9, the same day that Kristallnacht commemorations are being held to remember country-wide November, 1938 Nazi pogroms that burned German synagogues, attacked and sent thousands of Jews to concentration camps.
Charlotte Knobloch, is a Holocaust survivor who heads the 9,500-members of the Jewish community of Munich, the city where the Nazi movement was originally organized.
Knobloch has warned that: “The BDS campaign disguises the socially unacceptable ’Don’t buy from Jews!’ as a modernized form of Nazi jargon by demanding ‘Don’t buy from the Jewish State’.”
Knobloch denounced the event as “a continued effort to defame, delegitimize, ostracize Israel under the cloak of allegedly legitimate criticism” and launching pad for “a comprehensive boycott against Israel will be announced aimed at hurting economics, science, culture and all areas of life.”
German authorities refused to join her denunciation. The spokesman for Munich’s Social Democratic Mayor Dieter Reiter said he “could not judge” whether the Social Democratic mayor opposes or supports a boycott of Israel. One local politician, Richard Quaas, a Munich city councilman from the Christian Social Union, did call on the city to cancel the rental agreement with the BDS group.

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