New markets for solar energy

Energy does grow on trees, thanks to Israeli engineers

The eTree looks like a real tree, but uses solar power for WiFi, device chargers smartphones, electrical outlets and even night lights.

Yisrael Wolman, YNet News, October 22, 2014

The frenetic Israeli brain has already presented the world with numerous developments in the solar energy and hi-tech fields, but Sologic’s new “solar tree” is a unique combination of both worlds.

The eTree is an ecological sculpture of sorts that resembles a real tree and whose “canopy” is made up of solar panels that produce energy from the sun. The eTree offers a shaded recreation area and a cold-water drinking fountain, but also free WiFi, a docking station to charge smartphones and tablets, outlets for electrical appliances, a computer monitor that allows one to chat with friends who are at other eTrees, and decorative night lighting.

The etree
The etree

The innovative tree, which will be revealed for first time on Thursday at the HaNadiv Gardens near Zichron Ya’akov, is designed for installation in residential neighborhoods and urban centers, as well as the courtyards of educational institutions, parks and along hiking trails. Its designers believe it will be especially popular among the youth as a place to meet up and hang out with their various gadgets. It is expected to be installed at cultural institutions and museums too.

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ISIS recruits and Israel conflict not linked

Kerry is wrong, ISIS recruitment not connected to conflict with Israel

Reprinted from Daily Alert, October 22, 2014

No Connection between Islamic State and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Khaled Abu Toameh
The rise of the Islamic State is one of the by-products of the “Arab Spring,” which began as a secular revolt against decades of tyranny and corruption in the Arab world. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict was the last thing Arabs had in mind when they took to the streets to protest against decades of dictatorship and bad government.
    In fact, the “liberation” of Jerusalem is ranked sixth among the Islamic State’s objectives. Indeed, the group’s failure to express solidarity with the Palestinians or Hamas during the Gaza war drew strong condemnations in the Arab world. (Gatestone Institute)

What Is the Cause for ISIS Recruitment? – Christina Lin
Secretary of State Kerry claimed on Thursday, “there wasn’t a leader I met with in the region who didn’t raise with me spontaneously the need to try to get peace between Israel and the Palestinians, because it was a cause of [ISIS] recruitment and of street anger and agitation.” This is perplexing because ISIS is recruiting Asian jihadists in droves, and Asians do not care much about the Middle East peace talks.
    Moreover, it is likely that Secretary Kerry’s good friends in Qatar and Saudi Arabia are causing the jump in ISIS recruitment in Asia and elsewhere in the world. Singapore’s former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew recognized the root cause of ISIS back in 2003, and pointed the finger at Saudi Arabia for the cause of terrorism in Asia.
    In the 40-odd years since petrodollars became a windfall in the Muslim world, Saudi extremists have been proselytizing, and building mosques and madrassas that preach Wahhabism. Lee warned in 2003, “In killing terrorists, you will only kill the worker bees. The queen bees are the preachers, who teach a deviant form of Islam in schools and Islamic centers, who capture and twist the minds of the young.” Perhaps it may be more helpful for the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition if Secretary Kerry would ask his Saudi and Qatari friends to stop feeding those queen bees. The writer is a Fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations at SAIS-Johns Hopkins University. (Times of Israel)

     No Link Between Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the War on ISIS – Dan Margalit
Why are people linking the rise of the Islamic State with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Those two have absolutely nothing in common. For al-Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, Hizbullah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood there is no such thing as a two-state solution. Even if Israel were to agree to every one of PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ dictates, this would have zero impact on the ongoing battle for Kobane or any other hot spot in Syria and Iraq. (Israel Hayom)

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Jews belong in Jerusalem


Tishrei 28, 5775, 22/10/14 01:08

Who are the Jews of Silwan, and Why are They There?

Facing daily violence and harassment, and the target of international criticism, why are Jews moving to Silwan?

Ari Soffer

Recent days and weeks have seen “Silwan” hit the headlines time and time again, as dozens of Jewish families have moved in to this predominantly Arab neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem despite the violent opposition of many of their Arab neighbors to the presence of Jews there.

Arab extremists regularly target the embattled local Jewish communities; indeed just hours after moving in a small group of new Jewish families were targeted by rioters who hurled bricks and molotov cocktails at their homes.

So why are Israeli families are willing to brave violence, intimidation and even international opprobrium to live there?

First, it’s important to understand where and what the neighborhood actually is. “Silwan” is in fact an Arabic name for a vast swathe of territory in eastern Jerusalem, just outside the Old City, which encompasses the ancient City of David and the old Jewish neighborhood of Kfar HaShiloach – where a thriving Jewish community was ethnically-cleansed by Arab forces in the early twentieth century.

Aerial view of “Silwan”, including Kfar HaShiloach, the Old City and Mount of Olives Ateret Cohanim

It is believed to have been the site of the ancient Israelite capital, and as such returning to the area is a priority for Zionist idealists in their struggle to reclaim their national Jewish heritage. That’s reflected in demographic nature of those who live there, who identify as religious-Zionists.

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Violence against Jews cheered at Met

Behind Protests, Police Lines,

An Orgy of Violence Porn

Goes Up at the Met Opera

By SETH LIPSKY, Special to the Sun | October 21, 2014

The thing I kept thinking about at the opening night of “The Death of Klinghoffer” is that it’s not the first time that the Metropolitan Opera has put on its boards a drama about the murder of a Jew — or Jews. There is, after all, Nabucco, Giuseppe Verdi’s masterpiece about the conquest of Jerusalem and the exile of the Jews. It features Va, Pensiero, known as the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves — a profoundly sympathetic melodic evocation of Jewish longing.

“Klinghoffer,” John Adams’ opera about the hijacking of the Achille Lauro, turns out to be a different story. This had already been figured out by the Jewish leadership in New York. They have for months been protesting plans to mount this production. The protest Monday, across the street from Lincoln Center, included an ideological cross section of politicians, such as Mayor Giuliani, Representatives Peter King and Carolyn Maloney, Ronald Lauder of the World Jewish Congress, and a former governor of New York State, David Paterson.

Jewish protests had already won cancellation of the Met’s plan to broadcast “Klinghoffer” globally, but the Met insisted on going ahead with the stage production, using the slogan: “See it. Then Decide.” I tried to get several friends to join me for opening night, but one after another they demurred. No one in my circle wanted to see a celebration of Jew being murdered as he sat in a wheelchair. I, however, am besotted with the newspaperman’s vice, even if my heart is with the protesters.

Before the opera, I spent two hours with the several hundred gathered in Dante Park across from the Lincoln Center. In front of the Opera’s own plaza, across Ninth Avenue (and the police lines), a line of more protesters sat in wheelchairs. Their backs were to the Met’s vast windows, through which shone the magnificent murals by, in Marc Chagall, the same artist who did the paintings in the Knesset.

When, in 1896, the German anti-Semite Hermann Ahlwardt came to New York, the police commissioner at the time, Theodore Roosevelt, assigned him a bodyguard of officers — all of them Jewish. No such jolly gestures were made in the lobby of the Met, though scores of cops were there along with an opening night crowd sipping flutes of champagne. The house was all but filled, and the audience greeted the conductor with a robust ovation.

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ISIS fueled by Muslim refugees

Does Kerry Think that 18 Million Muslim Refugees Are Irrelevant to ISIS?

by David P. Goldman
PJ Media
October 20, 2014


There are now nearly 18 million refugees and internally displaced persons in seven Muslim countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen), up from slightly over 7 million in 2011, according to the UN. That doesn’t count more than 2.5 million Afghani refugees from the continuing war in their country. Much of the population of Syria has left their homes, including 3 million who have left the country due to the civil war and an additional 8 million internally displaced.

That is cause for desperation: unprecedented numbers of people have been torn from traditional society and driven from their homes, many with little but the clothes on their backs. There are millions of young men in the Muslim world sitting in refugee camps with nothing to do, nowhere to go back to, and nothing to look forward to. And there are tens of millions more watching their misery with outrage. Never has an extremist movement had so many frustrated and footloose young men in its prospective recruitment pool.

Israel has nothing whatever to do with any of this suffering. It is all the result of social and political disintegration in the Muslim world itself. To blame ISIS’ recruitment of young Muslims on the refugee problem of 1948, as Secretary of State John Kerry did last week, boggles the imagination. It is one thing to ignore the elephant in the parlor, and another to pretend it is not there when it is standing on one’s toe.

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Jews not permitted in Arab neighborhoods

Defaming Jews: What Else is New?

October 20, 2014 , Algemeiner


avatar Jerold Auerbach

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In Silwan, an older balaclava-clad child with a slingshot fires off a stone at the police, as cameras in front of him captured his “heroic” pose. Photo: B. Davidson.

Many centuries before Jerusalem was conquered by King David and became the capital of the united kingdom of Judea and Samaria, Hebron was already deeply embedded in Jewish history. There, according to the biblical narrative, Abraham purchased a burial place for Sarah in the first parcel of land owned by the Jewish people in their promised land. The matriarchs and patriarchs of the Jewish people were buried there. Joseph and his brothers brought the body of their father Jacob from Egypt for burial in the cave of Machpelah. At the beginning of the Common Era, King Herod built its massive stone enclosure that remains the oldest intact structure in the Land of Israel. Jews have returned to pray and to live in Hebron ever since.

But in a recent speech Sir Alan Duncan MP, formerly vice chairman of the Conservative Party and minister for international development, demonstrated his appalling ignorance of Jewish history and his no less reprehensible loathing for Israel. Gliding from accusations of “criminal intent” for its announcement of plans to build 2,600 homes in Jerusalem (for Jews and Arabs), he redirected his fury to the community of 800 Hebron Jews who live in a tiny enclave surrounded by 170,000 Palestinians. “One should not use the word ‘apartheid’ lightly,” Duncan raged, “but as a description of Hebron it is both accurate and undeniable.” There, he asserted, “the rule of international law has been shelved.” He proclaimed: “Over the years we have made a firm stand against racism, sexism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism. It is time now that we added ‘settlement endorsement’ to that list of extreme undemocratic attitudes which we are not prepared to tolerate.” With that outburst Sir Alan elevated himself to the top rank of anti-Semitic bigots.

Some twenty miles to the north of Hebron, in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, Jews are no less welcome. Until recently 500 Jews lived among 50,000 Palestinians in the neighborhood abutting Ir David, captured by King David three thousand years ago. Long before Muhammad tethered his horse Burack to the Western Wall, according to Muslim legend, Jews lived nearby. As in Hebron, they were expelled but eventually returned to reside in their sacred cities. But the dismaying prospect of yet more Jews in Silwan roiled Palestinian residents, who found a sympathetic forum – not surprisingly – in The New York Times. In yet another Times story (October 15) lamenting the arrival of Jews in Silwan, Isabel Kirshner labeled it a “politically delicate neighborhood” located “in territory that Israel conquered from Jordan” in 1967 and then annexed “in a move that was never internationally recognized.”

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Beware the jihadis are here

They are here!

Where are the 950 million Muslims who are not terrorists — who tuck their children in at ‎night with a lullaby, are tolerant toward Christians and Jews, and crave a peaceful world? I ‎want to believe that they are out there and that they weep in pain over the desecration of ‎their faith. I want to believe that we have partners who dream the dreams we do and wish ‎upon the same star. But where are they?

Rabbi Shalom Lewis, Israel Hayom, October 19, 2014

In 2010, I delivered a Rosh Hashana sermon in which I cried out: “They are coming!“‎

Today we are in a place of unimagined chaos and cowardice, paralysis and brutality. This ‎year, my cry is: “They are here!”‎

This is not a time to worry about offending with unfiltered vocabulary. Time is a luxury we ‎no longer possess. ‎

We are being threatened like at no time before by an enemy that worships savagery, ‎celebrates depravity, and is obsessed with an apocalyptic endgame. ‎

There has been a seismic shift in our world. Pick up any newspaper on any day — most of ‎the articles are about radical Muslims immersed in a vicious culture of blood and ‎slaughter. Skip to the sports page or the crossword puzzle, but that doesn’t make the ‎uncomfortable news go away. In fact, it brings joy to the jihadis, who hope we will continue ‎to deny the existence of their evil — just a few lunatics, thousands of miles away, blowing ‎each other up and occasionally beheading an unlucky journalist. Not so bad.‎

For years, we have been spared the ugliness and intimacy of war. The Battle of the Bulge ‎and Iwo Jima were black-and-white newsreels before “The Pride of the Yankees.” We ‎planted victory gardens, bought Liberty Bonds, and said goodbye to fathers, sons and ‎brothers. But the trenches were across the ocean. So too, with every subsequent conflict.‎

But today, war has been redefined and relocated. Geneva is finished. We are all ‎combatants in the crosshairs, on the front lines. All are vulnerable and so we must ‎recalculate our strategy, re-examine our tolerance, re-energize our resolve and ‎unequivocally identify the evil-doers. Let us not be silenced by fear, feckless goodwill, or ‎reckless hope.‎

There are 1 billion Muslims. Authorities agree that 5 percent are committed Islamists who ‎embrace terror and wish to see, by any means possible, the Muslim flag fly over every ‎capital, on every continent. I was relieved when I heard only 5 percent. But wait: That’s 50 ‎million Quran-waving, Allahu akbar-howling murderers planning to slit our throats, blow ‎us up or forcibly convert us. It only took 19 of Osama bin Laden’s disciples to bring down ‎the Twin Towers, plow into the Pentagon and crash into Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Over ‎‎3,000 dead. Over $10 billion in damages. Nineteen al-Qaida. Fifty million Islamists. Do the ‎math.‎

Where are the 950 million Muslims who are not terrorists — who tuck their children in at ‎night with a lullaby, are tolerant toward Christians and Jews, and crave a peaceful world? I ‎want to believe that they are out there and that they weep in pain over the desecration of ‎their faith. I want to believe that we have partners who dream the dreams we do and wish ‎upon the same star. But where are they? A silent partnership is no partnership. Sin is not ‎just in the act of commission — it is also in the act of omission. Most Germans were not ‎Nazis; most Russians were not Stalinists; and most Muslims are not terrorists — but it does ‎not matter. Stand up righteously or get out of the way. Perhaps in every mosque and ‎madrasa, the powerful warning attributed to Edmund Burke should be chiseled on a wall: ‎‎”All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.”‎

A couple of months ago, three young Israelis were kidnapped and killed by Hamas ‎terrorists. So began Operation Protective Edge. But the Gaza war was much more than ‎shooting down rockets and blowing up tunnels — it was the preview for a genuine world ‎war. It was a test of resolve, watched carefully by the indecent forces of a rising Islamist ‎world. Israel is only the beginning, the first prize sought in what promises to be a ‎protracted, multigenerational Kulturkampf‎. The front lines are all over the map — we just ‎don’t know it yet. ‎

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Kerry’s intentional blunders

Kerry’s comments serving radical propaganda

US secretary of state is caught in the post-colonialist conception which blames Israel for all the troubles of the world.

Ben-Dror Yemini , October 19, 2014, YNet News

One blunder is a mishap. Many blunders point to a problem.

Some years ago, it was US Secretary of State John Kerry who gave the delegation leaving to “liberate Gaza” a letter of support. State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Kerry had not been personally involved and had not known what it was about.

Another time was in the middle of the negotiations, when Kerry launched a series of statements about the anti-Israel boycott, warning that Israel could turn into an apartheid state. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement’s supporters scored another victory.

Dangerous Link

Palestinians support Kerry’s link between conflict and IS / Ynetnews

Top PLO official agrees with US secretary of state’s assertion that conflict with Israel increases frustration, anger on Muslim street.

Full story

Several months ago, Kerry suggested a link between poverty and terror. The global jihad murderers, who want to turn the entire world into a dark place, were turned into welfare activists, and they didn’t even know about it.

Now it’s the Islamic State volunteers, whose motivation is being linked by Kerry to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Following angry reactions from Israel, State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf rushed to argue that Kerry’s remarks had been distorted. She’s right. The original wording is much worse.

“All” Kerry said was that Arab leaders had told him that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was creating anger which was pushing young people to ISIS.

It’s interesting that he has never mentioned the fact that the huge Saudi and Qatari capital, which is invested in mosques around the world, including in Europe, is leading to radicalization. He hasn’t lashed out at Qatar, which has become jihad organizations’ chief funder.

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